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Free Now playing via (NPviaLFM) 2020-07-09

Hey. This is my first little console Python application that simply receives the track information that is currently playing on your profile, and writes the title, album and artist of the track to the text file.
I haven't found alternative for it, so did it for you ♥♥♥

There is little guide about how to correctly set up this tool:

1. A account.
2. Any scrobbler. An application or browser extension, that gets information about now playing track and send it to your profile. I prefer Web Scrobbler for Google Chrome. It can scrobble tracks from over 100 platforms. I listen to music via Youtube Music, Web Scrobbler supports it, so it works.
3. My application. You can download it by clicking here.

1. Register account (if you don't have it).

2. Install and set up your scrobbler. Let's do it with Web Scrobbler:
2.1) Install Web Scrobbler:
Annotation 2019-07-23 222035.png
2.2) RMC Web Scrobbler icon at right-top of Google Chrome --> Options:
Annotation 2019-07-23 222410.png
2.3) LMC "Accounts" and sign in to your account:
Annotation 2019-07-23 223135.png
2.4) In the "Options" tab you can personalize scrobbler. Scrobbling platforms, notifications and more:
Annotation 2019-07-23 223623.png
You can use whatever you want for scrobbling. Just my preference.

3. Set up NPviaLFM:
3.1) Download NPviaLFM.exe. You can optional put it in a folder because it creates 2 text files — 'username.txt' (file where your username will be stored) and 'now playing.txt' (the file we need):
3.2) Open NPviaLFM.exe and input your username.
3.3) You can see, that 'now playing.txt' has been created and storing "track name by track artist from track album"

Such features as your "track - artist - album" order and more, I hope, will appear later.
If you really like it, you can donate me there.
That's all. Love you ♥♥♥

Source .py file
(for correct work with the file you need to install BeautifulSoup and lxml libs.)
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Thanks for the tool! I can also confirme it works!
Working as intended!)