scrab 1.2

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 32-bit
  2. 64-bit
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Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
  1. Windows
  2. Linux

Screen grab adds a configurable hotkey to quickly select a screen region and add it as an image source to the current scene.

Editing the config
The plugin saves all screenshots into your home directory by default. If you wish to change that, open your obs-studio config and edit it:

Open %appdata%\obs-studio\global.ini
Open ~/.config/obs-studio/global.ini

Then add the following at the end of the file and replace {path} with whatever folder you want scrab to use for screenshots (Don't include '{' and '}'):
If you want scrab to create a new image source for each capture add:
(yes it's misspelled, but I'm too lazy to change it now)
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Latest updates

  1. Qt6 and OBS 28.0.0

    If you have issues with multiple monitors on linux you can set your primary screen in the...
  2. Continous mode and installer

    Added hotkey to retake screenshot at previous position Added installer for windows

Latest reviews

Hello! This worked perfectly before, but after updating to OBS 28 I have an issue. Scrab is still able to appear over obs to let me select what to screenshot, but when I press enter the image disappears and is not saved.
I like it! I think I may end up using it to thank users...once adds the second screen feature to their Android app. Ok... (sigh) I, now, know I'm going to uninstall it until then or I'll forget about it. Dang it, I know I'll most likely forget but... (sigh) that's ok...... (thinks) You know what, I'll keep it installed!
Works as intended. Just a note to people who aren't very techy like me. When you edit the global.ini file, you want to make sure you DON'T put the curled brackets around the directory you choose to have the scrabs/screenshots saved to. Universalp put those brackets to emphasise that directory as a placeholder. When I put the curled brackets around the directory, the screenshots wouldn't save so I was left wondering what was going on for like 20 minutes. Also, apparently you just want single backslashes for the directory format.
Works exactly as described. Simple and easy to use.