1. HastyRhombus760

    Screenshot file types changeable?

    Hello and thanks for reading. Is there any way to change the file extension on screenshots taken during game play? They are currently being saved in ".jxr" format and this causes issues when I try to edit them later. I would like them to be saved in jpg or png format. I am guessing the file type...
  2. kkyuki173

    Unable to capture the OBS screen

    Cannot capture OBS Screen through recording, streaming, or screenshot Tried Windows capture. OBS program was not in the list Tried Windows capture and a duplicate OBS process. OBS was in the list but only a black screen showed up Tried Display capture. Everything was being displayed except OBS...
  3. D

    Shoot the screenshot

    Hello, I am currently making a video to show how to use the keyboard shortcut windows+ctrl+s to take a screenshot in Windows 10. I would like to record this process with OBS. However, when I launch the recording and I use this keyboard shortcut, it does not appear in OBS. Indeed, the menu of...
  4. Thimblesage

    Add Screenshot Options in settings

    Would love a 'screenshot' tab in the output options settings. It would be so nice to have image type options, discrete naming convention/output destinations. Before Instant Replay with media sources was a thing I use to do something similar with still images as a source and would update my stats...
  5. universallp

    scrab 1.2

    scrab Screen grab adds a configurable hotkey to quickly select a screen region and add it as an image source to the current scene. Editing the config The plugin saves all screenshots into your home directory by default. If you wish to change that, open your obs-studio config and edit it...