Waveform 1.5.0

First release
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4.88 star(s) 17 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Waveform v1.5.0

    Support for OBS 28 on M1 Macs Add volume normalization option Rendering performance improvements...
  2. Waveform v1.4.1

    Small bugfix update: Fix rendering artifacts when using curve graph Restore support for non-AVX...
  3. Waveform v1.4.0

    Add native support for Arm64 (aka 'Apple Silicon') based Macs Add Simplified Chinese...

Latest reviews

I love this, But one question, Im noticing that the visualizers, drop to 30fps for like 8 seconds and go back to the desired obs fps (60 in my case) is there a way to fix this or, Is it more of a hardware side issue? I use the Visualizers Live, I dont record, In other words I have the preview on full screen, Id love to know what it could be, Thankss
Works in 28.0.1 on my M1 MacBookPro. Great upgrade to spectralizer!
Superb OBS plugin! So many features to modify the output, it just works!

I have a cool idea to add to the list of visualizations. I'll reach out to see if the creator might consider it.
Love this sir! Thank you!
I like this plugins!
Hey it works perfectly and all, I'd like to know is there anyway to install it on StreamLabs OBS too ?
I've not used StreamLabs OBS personally so I can't confirm for sure but from what I've heard OBS plugins don't work with SLOBS in general.
This plugin is amazing, I started to use it for my streams :3, thank you!!!
I love how simple this is to use, and it just works.
this plugin is amazing and I love it! thank you phandasm!!