1. U

    Visualization for OBS

    Hello, Is someone as dev one OBS plugin for visualisation like in VLC, ? not only to show the music level Thanks in advance
  2. reejk

    OBS Python OBS Indications on Corsair Keyboard 1.1

    This script changes led colors on Corsair keyboards by statuses of OBS scenes, sources and filters. This way you can understand what's going on in the stream even when the OBS window is not visible. Each led has settings for color when scene is active, filter is enabled, source is active, shown...
  3. D

    Looking for an Audio Visualizer

    Hi! I am currently looking for a plug-in. Indeed, I would like to animate my live with a "visualizer" like those of Windows Media Player back in the days. But, I would like it to respond to a particular sound track in OBS where I listen to Spotify. I found a chrome extension named ...
  4. P

    Waveform 1.8.0

    Waveform is a plugin for showing a (cosmetic) frequency spectrum graph and other metrics of an audio source. Features: Frequency Spectrum Curve graph Bar and 'stepped' bar graphs Circular versions of the above Levels Peak Meter RMS Meter Waveform
  5. univrsal

    spectralizer v1.3.4

    I've decided to deprecate Spectralizer in favor of Waveform which offers more options. [/SPOILER]