OBS Indications on Corsair Keyboard

OBS Python OBS Indications on Corsair Keyboard 1

This script changes led colors on Corsair keyboards by statuses of OBS scenes, sources and filters. This way you can understand what's going on in the stream even when the OBS window is not visible.

Each led has settings for color when scene is active, filter is enabled, source is active, shown or unmuted, and also for color in opposite states. When one led is used twice, the last "Active Color" will be used.


- source is active when it is shown on a stream or video recording;
- shown when it is shown somewhere;
- unmuted when audio source is not muted.

Use cases​

- Display mic mute state
- Display when camera is visible
- Display current scene

Hint: in iCUE software you can remap used keys to F13-F24 to avoid regular key meaning.

This script requires cuesdk​

To install it use this command:
> python -m pip install cuesdk==1.1.0
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Was a bit tricky to figure out I needed to download Python 3.6 and not the latest version. Once I added the path to OBS and installed the required package it works great! If it could be enhanced to bind color changes to all keys at once it would be superb!