Waveform 1.6.1

Bugfix release:
  • Fix MacOS x64 installer
  • Update Chinese localization (thanks to GodGun968)
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  • Add option to mirror frequency axis
  • Add option to adjust arc angle in radial mode
  • Add option for minimum bar height
  • Add option to adjust normalized volume target
  • Add "Single" channel mode to allow selection of specific audio channel
  • Fix some potential crashes
  • Fix graph frozen after playback of media file finishes
  • Fix "Hide graph when audio is silent" option for level meters
  • Update Chinese localization (thanks to GodGun968)
  • Improve rendering of curve graph in some cases
  • Performance improvements
  • Support for OBS 28 on M1 Macs
  • Add volume normalization option
  • Rendering performance improvements
  • Fix typo resulting in slightly incorrect gaussian kernels
  • Dropped 32-bit support
Small bugfix update:
  • Fix rendering artifacts when using curve graph
  • Restore support for non-AVX CPUs
  • Update Chinese localization
  • Add native support for Arm64 (aka 'Apple Silicon') based Macs
  • Add Simplified Chinese localization (thanks to 神枪968)
  • Add option to roll-off the edges of the graph
  • Add experimental MacOS support (x64 CPUs only)
  • Add Channel Spacing option in stereo mode
  • Fix alpha overlap with rounded caps (except in radial mode)
Bugfix update:
  • Support more audio configurations
  • Fix alignment when scaling bar graphs
Bugfix release:
  • Fix crash when 'Temporal Smoothing' is set to None and source is not visible
Mini update:
  • Fix rounded caps misaligned by 1 pixel
  • Add option to hide the graph when audio is silent
This one bundles up some user-requested features and minor tweaks.
There are now entirely too many options in the settings panel but here it is:
- Add circular display mode
- Add level meter display mode
- Add rounded bar caps
- Add option to capture OBS audio output bus (all active audio sources)
- Reduce minimum strength of gaussian filter to work better with bar graphs

The radial display is a transformation on the vertex shader so the 'width' will control the number of bars while the 'height' controls the diameter in this mode.