spectralizer v1.2

Thx, that's good plugin for broadcasts. =)
Doesn't work on any sort of incoming signal, only VLC and other media, so I have to give this the lowest rating. No fix on the github, can't use the app as intended. Please remove features that don't work.
I'm not going to remove a feature just because it didn't work for you
Really good Visualizer, I would love to have the option added to set the frequency range however, would make this a 10/10 plugin
I loved it, I would like to put a circular image and that the audio could be seen around as in streamyard, can you do it please?
Great Plugin!

---> FOR PEOPLE HAVING PROBLEMS, LOOK FOR "audio visualizer" SOURCE, NOT "spectralizer" <---

I was confused for a long time about why is wasn't showing up, but i just didn't know what I was looking for. Works amazingly well once you find it!

Searched for something like this for ages just to find out it's been a thing since 2019, awesome! I can finally replace my unreliable HTML Browser Visualizer :D
very Good!
I made a low-level mistake before and caused the installation to fail!
D:\Program Files\obs-studio\ >>>success
D:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit >>>fail
Got it installed and it shows up as a source. Wish there was a mode for it being as a circle instead of a line.
Like others have been saying recently, it straight up doesn't show up as a source option. I've made multiple attempts at installing it, even on a clean install, and no such luck. It doesn't show up in the source options after following the exact installation directions.
it looks good, but it doesnt appear on my source list, can anyone help me?
doesnt work with my obs, installed multiple times but doesnt show up in obs. not worth it.
If you would be a bit more specific there, I might actually be able to help you
Works great, looks awesome. Im loving it!
The installation process was a little bit tedious to understand, but if you follow the installation steps its not difficult to install it and set it up.

Works as expected.

Thank you for your great work! :)
I just downloaded the plugin and i was about to use it but it doesn't appear in obs 25.0.1 ,i don't know why i followed the instructions
Did you download the actual plugin or just the source code?
I would really like a way to limit a range of volume for the visualizer to work with, such as a certain number of decibels.
fantastic plugin! i can't seem to get it working with my asio mic but otherwise its working fine
Followed instructions - installed fftw over brew etc. made a folder and put in bin and data -but I'm still not seeing Spectralizer in OBS sources. Does it work with Mac os !0.12.1? or do I need to update my OS?really hope i can get this working - being wanting it for a long time and so excited its now available for Mac!
I need the obs log, otherwise I can't help you. I also don't know if it works with 10.12 as I only have 10.15 and only have tested it with Catalina
It doesn't show up as source in my obs studio even though I dowloaded it.

I put the extracted folder in the plugin folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio\obs-plugins\64bit) Did I do anything wrong? I am using OBS 21.1.0
If you carefully read the resource page it says that you need at least obs 24.0.0, your version is almost two years out of date
Was looking for a way to get a visualizer and this fit right in. Easy to set up, a few simple but nice settings and didn't really notice any performance issues.

If I'd have to leave one critique: Would have liked that the visualization looked more like how it does on the Monstercat Visualizer for Rainmeter. To me, that one seems to represent the sound better.
I use the Rainmeter one at 96 bars. Tried the same with the plugin, and they look very different in how it represents.
Apart from that, Thanks for making this! :D
Yeah, the rainmeter visualizer seems to do some filtering. I'll maybe try and get it into spectralizer, but I can't promise anything.
Fantastic plugin. Looks amazing and easy to use! Didn't work with the ASIO Plugin, but I found out I didn't need the ASIO anymore.
Yeah I heard that ASIO isn't working. I'm trying to look into it, but since I'm not using it myself I've been putting it off