Move transition

Move transition 1.8.0

Supported Bit Versions
32-bit, 64-bit
Source Code URL
Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Plugin for OBS Studio to move sources to a new position during scene transition
If the 2 scenes contain a source with similar name (configured with settings) it will do the move the position and size between the 2 positions.

Installation Windows
  • Unzip the download in the OBS folder for example:
    C:\Program Files\obs-studio\
    C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio
  • Install latest visual c++ redistributable for visual studio 2019
  • Start OBS Studio 64 bit
  • Add a Move transition using the plus icon on the "Scene Transitions" dock.
  • Set the properties of the transition using the cogwheel button on the "Scene Transitions" dock.
Installation Linux
  • Unzip the download
  • Copy to $HOME/.config/obs-studio/plugins
  • Match if the source name
    The sources must have the same kind of transformation (bounding box type and alignment).
    (This does not work in Studio mode with duplicate sources switched on)
    • contains the other source name
      "Camera" matches "Test Camera 1 [Filtered]"
    • with numbers removed from end matches the other source name
      "Camera 1" matches "Camera (2)"
    • with the last word removed matches the other source name
      "Camera one" matches "Camera two"
  • Matched items
    All items that have matching items in the scene your are coming from and are switching to.
  • Appearing items
    All items that have no matching item and are in to scene you are switching to.
  • Disappearing items
    All items that have no matching item and are in the scene you are coming from.
  • Easing
    • No easing
      Linear movement of the sources.
    • Ease in
      Eases the start of the movement of the sources.
    • Ease out
      Eases the end of the movement of the sources.
    • Ease in and out
      Eases the start and end of the movement of the sources.
  • Easing function
  • Zoom
    New sources are zooming in on appearing and old sources are zooming out on disappearing, instead of staying the same size.
  • Position
    The position new sources are coming from an old sources are going to.
  • Curve
    The amount of curve for the path between the start and end position.
    • 0.00 is no curve.
    • Positive is curve away from canvas center.
    • Negative is curve towards canvas center.
  • Transition
    The transition used for the item.
    For matching items without a transition, the item switches half way the transition between the item in the scene its coming from and the item in the scene it is going to.
  • Transition scale type
    • Max only
      Scale to aspect ratio, but only to the maximum size of each source
      max only.gif

    • Aspect
      Always scale the sources, but keep aspect ratio
    • Stretch
      Scale and stretch the sources to the size of the transition
Override filter
This filter can be added to a scene or a source to override the move transition for a source of the scene or the source global.

Move Source filter
If you want to move sources without transitioning to an other scene check out this video:

Start trigger options are:
  • None
    not started automatic, use a hotkey or set next move on an other move to start this move
  • Activate
    When the source becomes actively shown in the final mix
  • Deactivate
    When the source becomes not active, so not showing the final mix.
  • Show
    A source is considered showing if it’s being displayed anywhere at all, whether on a display context or on the final output
  • Hide
    When it is not showing anywhere
  • Enable
    When the eye icon in front of filter name is enabled.
First release
Last update
4.90 star(s) 29 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.8.0

    add change visibility options fix transition override fix move value enable and disable
  2. Version 1.7.8

    fix double start move source and value
  3. Version 1.7.7

    add move value filter set checks

Latest reviews

This plugin is just purely amazing. The "Move Value" filter in particular knocks my socks off with what it brings to the table for high production value type of effect changes etc. New features accumulate faster than I have a chance to try them out, I love it hehe. Additionally it is very well maintained with new versions coming out rapidly, and any bugs getting stomped before anyone has a chance to notice them. Highly recommended for anyone truly serious about visual FX and automation within OBS Studio.
Ótimo plugin! Por enquanto mexi apenas no básico dele, mas já deixa bem mais dinâmica a live, principalmente quando tem vários participantes ou quer fazer uma gravação com itens aparecendo!
other awesome plugin
Awesome dynmaic addition, what a great Dev!!! Cheers
This plugin is so powerful it's incredible. So many updates with some many things I can't want to use. The latest update that allows delays on override filters? INCREDIBLE!
At first I didn't like this plugin for requiring the matching sources to have the same kind of transformation, as I needed to make so many changes on my scene configuration to make it works properly.

Then the developer requested me to contact, and they updated the plugin to get rid of the requirement.

Originally expanding transition options, now this plugin can be used without having to make too many changes on an existing scene configuration.
Hey, I don't see the menu in my filters obs, so help me please.
How have you installed it and where do you expect it to show up?
You can always contact me via the OBS discord server if you want help setting it up.
This is a plugin expanding features of OBS, so it's worth to try out.

But it didn't work well for my case. I already use bounding box and alignment options - both for positioning and positioning inside the bounding box, both of which are required to be same for the transition - for aligning sources.

Therefore having to sync all the three properties of each corresponding sources just for one external plugin is really unpleasant, as these properties of the sources are now dependent on it. In fact I was refusing to try this plugin for months since knowing this is required for the plugin to work.

I had to change so much, while the plugin yet can't offer some features I really needed to compensate.

Once I thought about making a transition for moving my layout but it didn't work well, so I end up having my own bezier curve I want to use someday. The available 'Back' transition is too wild for me, so I want to use a custom bezier curve.

I hope I can also exclude some sources even though they're seen matching, and that I can treat them as appearing and disappearing items. I shouldn't duplicate a same group of sources to exclude them from the transition. I saw there's an override filter that can be used for sources or a group, but it can't override the matching state.

A plugin worth to try it, but with some bad aftertastes that couldn't be cleansed with yet.
Can you send me (an example of) your scene collection, to allow me to find a solution for the specific case your are having?
You can always contact me via the OBS discord server if you are willing to give it an other try with my help.
Probably the most essential plugin needed for obs if you want any sort of live editing production quality. I have at least 100 seperate instances where i use move transitions and its many features in my obs scene collection