• Fixing crop to bounds for OBS 30.1
  • Fixing move crop with flipped bounding box
  • Fixing Move Direct Show locking
  • Add show filter to nvidia ar move filter settings
  • Add matching of nested groups
  • Remove double flip when matching nested
  • Fix first move of group not working
  • Fix black frame when matching scene
  • Fix crash on removing scene
  • Fix NVIDIA AR Move crop top
  • Fix special characters in move value typing mode
  • Fix crash in audio move filter on shutdown
  • Fix NVIDIA AR Move landmark combined with expression crash
  • Fix move value changing text info type
  • Fix error on closing OBS or switching scene collection with Audio Move filter
  • Fix group support for Audio Move and Move Action filters
  • NVIDIA AR Move add confidence filter
  • Move Transition improve source matching
  • Move Transition fix memory leak
Move Transition improved nested scene matching
  • Fix Move Transition in show and hide transitions
  • NVIDIA AR move not running on main OBS graphics thread
  • Move Transition fix potential freeze (deadlock) of OBS
  • Move Value add alpha support for color values (by @DeMineArchiver)
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Reactions: Monsteer and IDLT
  • NVIDIA AR move value extra checks
  • Fix audio move scale and bounds
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Reactions: Monsteer and IDLT