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  • Dynamic Delay
    Dynamic Delay
    Filter for dynamic delaying a video source
  • Source Switcher
    Source Switcher
    Plugin for OBS Studio to add a source that switches between a list of sources
  • Source Clone
    Source Clone
    Add source to OBS that lets you clone sources to allow different filters than the original
  • Recursion Effect
    Recursion Effect
    Plugin to add recursion effect to a source using a filter
  • Gradient Source
    Gradient Source
    Gradient Source for OBS studio

Latest updates

  1. Version 0.2.6

    Add obs-websocket vendor requests and event Vendor: downstream-keyer Requests...
  2. Version 0.2.5

    OBS version 28 support
  3. Version 0.2.3

    Add option to exclude program scenes per DSK tab

Latest reviews

Exeldro a question when I update the downstream keyer plugin the panel will not be removed
Great tool. Missing one thing ... I would love for the ability for a transition for going out. I can fade in, but it just cuts out, I would like to configure that.
Incredibly useful for having overlays that can be shown on multiple scenes.
This has become one of my favorite plugins. Two things I wish I could do but i'm not sure they are possible. I wish I didn't have to create scenes for every key I want to use. Maybe save all of them in a directory and it uses that. Secondly and more importantly, I wish this plug in by itself had a stream deck plugin. When you get to 25-30 keys you start to run out of hotkeys. Thank you again for an amazing plugin.
You can have a single dsk scene always enabled and make the other keys sources on that scene that you enable and disable a streamdeck. If you want to make sure only one is active you can use my Source Toggler lua script.
Thank's Exeldro for another so usefull plugin. I hope you are ok. In my installation, not working with virtual camera; I will continue trying (sorry for my English)
Eliminates the pain of adding lower-thirds, watermarks, logos and branding to all your scenes.
This plugin is amazing! I created an account just to comment and say how much time this is saving me with displaying animated lower thirds on ANY camera source that I load.

We sometimes have 10-15 different speakers at an event with lower thirds, and with multiple cameras this could be 50+ scenes I would need to create. Now I can just create as many scenes as I have lower thirds and I'm done! Thank you SO MUCH!
Love it mate
Thanks Exceldro for another useful plugin.
Is there a way to use this to show my mouse cursor over what obs is streaming?
absolutely essential!!! well done!!!!