overlay scene

  1. V

    I can't select my overlays

    this problem happened after the last official obs update. I can't select or drag my overlays, that red border doesn't appear. log: https://obsproject.com/logs/d2lVjh10H39X2qSy it didn't show up, but I tried dragging it with the mouse. I can only change position if I click with the right mouse...
  2. S

    Merge a background into an image.

    I have an image with a green background. I would like to lay another image on the background. But I getting a blend of both the primary image and the background image. Neither are videos. I suppose what I am trying to do is something like photoshop the photo. I have a scene with an image (the...
  3. Exeldro

    Downstream Keyer 0.3.2

    This plugin adds a Downstream Keyer dock to OBS studio.