Love it mate
Thanks Exceldro for another useful plugin.
Is there a way to use this to show my mouse cursor over what obs is streaming?
absolutely essential!!! well done!!!!
Excellent contribution.
It would be perfect with three additions.
1. be able to use global sources and not only global scenes
2. be able to select more than one source or scene at the same time
3. have the posibility to configure the transitions
It's a DSK for OBS. As with Exeldro, it's just quality. It works. It does what you expect it to.
This is awesome, as all of your plugins.
Obrigado, funciona perfeitamente. Excelente para quem precisa utilizar Lower's durante a transmissão. - Simples também: após a instalação, adicione a doca "Downstream Keyer" e crie cenas com o conteúdo que gostaria de sobrepor. Após isso, adicione (+) na doca "Downstream Keyer a cena ou as cenas que você adiciona à tela quando clica sobre a cena e que você retira da tela quando clica nas 2 barras verticais (estilo botão de "pause"). Sem segredos.
Sometings will be on top everything, wonderful plug in!
As all Exeldro stuff!
Very useful! And excellent as always
Another great useful plugin! Nice one
It works great atm. I've been looking ways how to do switching inside a PIP scene and this plugin just saved my insanity.