Thank's Exeldro for another so usefull plugin. I hope you are ok. In my installation, not working with virtual camera; I will continue trying (sorry for my English)
Excellent plugin! Only thing is that I use stingers between my scenes. I use this for Twitch Polls to make them visible in all my scenes. But when I change scenes I don't want the Twitch poll to be visible in my Stinger animation. So I have to manually turn it off, switch scene and turn it back on. I wish that this would be automatically be done, or that stingers are layered above the Downstream Keyer.
This has become one of my favorite plugins. Two things I wish I could do but i'm not sure they are possible. I wish I didn't have to create scenes for every key I want to use. Maybe save all of them in a directory and it uses that. Secondly and more importantly, I wish this plug in by itself had a stream deck plugin. When you get to 25-30 keys you start to run out of hotkeys. Thank you again for an amazing plugin.
You can have a single dsk scene always enabled and make the other keys sources on that scene that you enable and disable a streamdeck. If you want to make sure only one is active you can use my Source Toggler lua script.
A must-have !
However, I have a suggestion : can you add a "multiple selection" by SHIFT+Clicking on items, so we can activate severals of them in the same tab ? Also, please remove the click on the background that makes a deselection of the items, it's very disturbing (I like to click on backgrounds to "neutralize" my mouse selection, but here, it unselect items ; we could just rely on the "pause" button to unselect items).
Exeldro a question when I update the downstream keyer plugin the panel will not be removed
Love it mate
Eliminates the pain of adding lower-thirds, watermarks, logos and branding to all your scenes.
It's a DSK for OBS. As with Exeldro, it's just quality. It works. It does what you expect it to.
This makes organizing scenes so much better than copy/pasting everything. Everything is so much cleaner and easier to process what needs to be changed. All sources are consistent throughout scene changes, including audio sources.
Another excellent plugin made available completely free of charge. Exeldro is an awesome developer and to have such a simple, reliable implementation of a DSK in OBS is really awesome! A very underrated feature is the Output Source, which allows you to re-route the OBS Program Feed in as its own source. I use this in combination with Exeldro's Source Switcher plugin to create an indepedantly switchable "aux-bus" or "m/e" sub-mix for external screens; I can cut or fade to different cameras than program, but instantly go back to program. MAJOR ISSUE: When using the Output Source to mirror the Program Output, the feed will periodically flash black for around a frame or three, usually right after a transition has taken place. This sadly makes it unusable for any sort of display outputs, as the client should not see that. If this could ever be fixed, it would be awesome. Still though, awesome plugin.
This plugin is amazing! I created an account just to comment and say how much time this is saving me with displaying animated lower thirds on ANY camera source that I load.

We sometimes have 10-15 different speakers at an event with lower thirds, and with multiple cameras this could be 50+ scenes I would need to create. Now I can just create as many scenes as I have lower thirds and I'm done! Thank you SO MUCH!
Fantastic tool. I had so many "overlay" scenes before and had to have them present in all production scenes...really annoying. Fixed with this great tool. Only caveat: does not work with OBS Virtual Camera. Fixed with Droidcam though.
Excellent contribution.
It would be perfect with three additions.
1. be able to use global sources and not only global scenes
2. be able to select more than one source or scene at the same time
3. have the posibility to configure the transitions
It works great atm. I've been looking ways how to do switching inside a PIP scene and this plugin just saved my insanity.
Another essential plugin from exeldro. Just get it and afterwards you won't be able to remember how OBS could exist without it.
Another great useful plugin! Nice one
Incredibly useful for having overlays that can be shown on multiple scenes.
makes it so easy to have alerts and elements show up on all my scenes.
Very useful! And excellent as always
Sometings will be on top everything, wonderful plug in!
As all Exeldro stuff!