Downstream Keyer

Downstream Keyer 0.3.2


Hi Exeldro, Nice plugin you got here and something i've really wanted. I was watching your github account for this plugin.
Already tested the latest version, here are my observations:

1. Hotkeys would be nice for toggle on and off
2. The DSK also appears on the DSK Scene/Source, making it duplicates of some sorts, I suppose there should be some sort of feature to prevent the DSK to appear on DSK Scene/Source. A previous tool used DSK as a keyword (any scene containing that name was unaffected).
3. A tutorial would be nice to show how it works, even if it is just a picture tutorial.
4. When scene transition are added in OBS Scene Transitions dock, they do not appear to be available for Downstream keyer dock unless OBS is restarted.
5. Would it be possible for the DSK to list at least available OBS Scenes, rather than having to manually type the scene/source name?
6. I love the fact that different transitions are available for the DSK and it doesn't have finniky issues like the current dsk I used, which embarassed me severally yesterday.
7. Thanks for the great work on OBS Project, I can also see that OBS is trying to add this functionality into the core product. Great Job guys. Looking foward to the updates.


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1 is on my todo list
2 and 4 should be better in version 0.0.4
3 I will make everything I want in the plugin first before writing any kind of manual
5 you don't have to type the scene name, the + icon will add the current selected scene to the downstream keyer dock


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@Exeldro. Another great plugin and one I can see could have plenty of room for growth.
I've noticed that if you change a scene name that the plugin doesnt detect it, rather it just fails. OBS also reports that its crashed every time I close it down, not sure if thats from this plugin or others though.

While im sure you have a good list of things to work on, for my, being able to click an item to select it, then click again for it to disappear would be handy, and maybe the option of a selection timing out after a certain amount of time?


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Hello @Exeldro
Congratulations on the incredible work with your plugins, but I confess that I didn't understand exactly what this plugin is for =/
This allows you to overlay any scene over another scene, so for example, if you have a conference with multiple cameras, you can have the speakers name configured in a separate scene in the lower third and turn it on and off irrespective of which other scene you have showing. This will then overlay the speakers name over the scene you have showing. The previous option was to have the speakers name configured in every scene you may want to use it on, and turn it on and off from there which was a lot more work.


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This is great stuff for all trying to use OBS for more traditional broadcasting.
Have you considered a TAKE button for the DSK? DSK sources going live by just selecting it could cause some accidental mistakes, and might not be too intuitive for everyone.
If it was possible to see the DSK sources in Preview in studio mode when selecting them and TAKE it to air, that might be more intuitive for some.
But great work as always!


@RichieTee good luck, let me know how it went, what version of the plugin you used and what can be improved

Used Version 0.1.3
It went well, the minor issues i faced had to do with mistakely clicking the stream deck.
Currently testing it against Sunday,

i. when a scene collection with DSK is duplicated, DSK is not added to the duplicate, is this by design?
ii. when i start a scene collection with DSK it seems to toggle all the DSK upon first load, then i have to manually turn it off, not exactly sure what triggers this.
iii: is it possible for some scenes to be unaffected by the DSK? I have some scenes with logo embedded in the graphics we use, having the bugDSK show seems like an unnecessary duplicate.