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Downstream Keyer 0.3.2


Hello, I can't understand how output source works in the plugin... I have read the forum from end to end but it has been impossible for me to understand it and I can't find any information about it. Could you give us a little help to understand how to use it. I have a slight idea but nothing after some tests I can't achieve anything. thanks


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@furrymayo how do you want the tally data to be send?
Would be great if we could integrate that tally information with TallyArbiter software. They accept all sorts of tally data but I know that UDP and TCP work. Right now, I have TallyArbiter listening to tally information from OBS and works great but when the DSK is on, it doesn't register in the TallyArbiter software but it does register if the same scene being used in DSK is put in program/preview alone. Does that make sense?


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I figured out how to do this and thought I'd post my solution here in case others find it necessary to do this-

In companion, set up the connection to OBS like you usually would, and then create a regular button.
The press action is obs: Custom Command
For Request Type, enter: CallVendorRequest
For Request Data, enter: {"vendorName":"downstream-keyer","requestType":"dsk_select_scene", "requestData": {"dsk_name":"DSK 1","scene":"Overlay 1"}}

Above, replace "DSK 1" with whatever you called your DSK tab, and then replace "Overlay 1" with whatever your scene name is that you want to activate.

If you want to hide whatever is displayed, instead of "scene":"whatever", use "scene":""
Thank you, I was looking for this information, but it's hard to find it on the official documentation.
Even had to open on gihub a request for this feature (
Thank you for pointing the solution out!