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Downstream Keyer 0.3.2


This solution worked absolutely perfectly for me! Very straightforward, functions as a load, delay (2000ms) and then unload ready to be used again with a single button press.

Thank you so much for this and your patience in teaching me. I appreciate your help a great deal my friend!
One additional thought came to mind, I have 30+ DSK scenes and one issue I had was accidentally pressing the streamdeck key twice, which cancels the command executing. I put a streamdeck command that calls ALL of the hide hotkeys in that event…. If you have the room you may want to do this as you add onto your DSK assets.

One feature request I made to the streamdeck folks is adding the ability to execute commands on a button cancel, like presented in this situation. If you have the time to do so, could you make a feature request to them as well? I know they keep a backlog.


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@sadbuttrue that is a known bug in OBS there is a word around:
make a scene with multiple output sources, 1 on channel 0 and channel 7 and up for the downstream keyers.
in the virtual camera config set that created scene as output.
@Exeldro would it be possible for you to elaborate on the exact setup for this? I too am experiencing this problem but am having trouble deciphering your steps here for this workaround.

Thank you,


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I have tried to use the number pad to show and hide a source in the dsk, unfortunately it does not add or remove the source. am I doing something wrong?
Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 11.33.23 AM.png


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disregard... after switching to a different key it worked as advertised. I assume I am just not allowed to use number pad entries as hotkeys... #Embarrassed
wow... learned on more thing... it wasn't the button it was the active window selected. with the DSK selected none of the hotkeys work, but once you select a new window it works as shown... interesting.


hi @Exeldro
I would like to know if there is any possibility that you add the extra option, where a dsk can be given priority.

example if I show dsk1. hide dsk2 and dsk3

another example if I show dsk2 hide all dsks

another example if I show dsk1 it shows dsk2 but hides dsk3

This prevents them from overlapping when I have many dsks on the screen showing.

Imagine that I have a banner in a dsk showing and I want to show a chat message that I have in another dsk, the latter is on top, generating a poor distribution of the image.

Please, I would like you to consider adding this function since the plugin is incredible.

Thank you for your time and sorry for my English. thank you


Hi @Exeldro , I have noticed that every time you start obs, multiple DSKs are enabled at the same time. How can I make this not happen? . Every time I open obs I must close one by one.. is it a bug?
thanks for your time and for these amazing plugins
This problem persists. Is there a way to solve it?


Is there any way to have DSK show/hide behind of some scenes or sources? I'd like one particular asset (a graphic) to appear from behind another graphic but on top of my main scene. Thanks


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M1 MacOS 12.5.1
28.0.1 Apple Silicon (OBS 27.2.4 Apple Silicon also installed)
Downstream Keyer 0.2.5

I want to use 28, if possible. I can't get the dock to show up in either one of these OBS versions. What do?

I was able to get DSK to work. Not sure what fixed it, as several things changed since the last time I tried to use it.

I updated to the newest version of DSK
I updated to MacOS Sonoma
I updated OBS to RC 30
I changed the name of my external drive which contains my users/home folder from "Mac 5TB" to "Mac5TB" (removed the space)

One or all of those things fixed the issue, and now it loads. Excellent plugin, thank you Exceldro!


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Is there any way to control what DSK renders above or below other DSKs? It seems that sorting the DSK tabs do nothing and only the creation order matters, making sorting and even naming them a bit pointless to me :(
Maybe adding an "on sort" event and rearrange the "layering" could solve it (?)

Hope it's clear, not sure how to explain the issue I'm having :(

Im using OBS v30, Windows 10

Thanks a lot :)


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@Exeldro Thank you for these wonderful plugins. I am just starting to use OBS from a paid product, and your plugins make me not regret the switch.

For the Downstream Keyer (a 5-star plugin), my only issue is that "SHOW DSKs" is not showing in my hotkeys setup. Only the "HIDE DSKs". If I have both like I see everyone has it, I'll be able to do tons of things, mostly programming streamdeck based on those hotkeys. What should I do to have them shown? Should I re-install the plugin? Wouldn't that do away with all of my current DSKs? (Of course, anybody else who experienced the same issue can pitch in; I'll appreciate it. Thank you)

My other request has to do with what someone already asked: Any plan to have the VERTICAL plugin work with Downstream Keyer? Or the Downstream Keyer to have a "Vertical" option that we can "link" with the current one? Without that, it's impractical to use the Vertical plugin to stream at the same time on tiktok etc...

Thank you once again.


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@Exeldro and @Guuvita ... Please take a look at the issue I'm facing with the Downstream Keyer Hotkeys. Only 3 parameters are showing: "HIDE ON dsk", "ENABLE TIE dsk", and "DISABLETIE dsk". The first and most important one "SHOW dsk" is not there.

Please if any of you as encountered and resolved this issue, please share. Thank you.

OBS Downstream Keyer HotKey Issue.png


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Hello everyone. Just want to send this update. I was able to work around the issue about Hotkeys for the Downstream Keyer above. Using the "SHOW ON dsk" from the sources of the scene sent on DSK tabs does the trick. I still don't know why I don't have the original SHOW dsk on the DSK Hotkeys section of Hotkeys. Anyway, I found a way to make it work and that's what counts.

I post this update just in case someone else was also struggling with that same issue.

Thanks everyone.