spectralizer v1.3.4

Added rounded corners.

That's it. Nothing else.
Readded OBS_SOURCE_CUSTOM_DRAW, which is needed for filters to work.
Fixed some installation paths in cmake.
Fixed Visualizer needing a refresh on startup when using circular mode.
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Added padding and offset to circular visualizer.
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Added radial mode, which make the bars follow the outside of a circle
Added wire mode, which displays a line instead of individual bars
Added logarithmic scale option

Big thanks to @LKostyra who took the time to implement the logarithmic scale option, because I was too stupid for it

For macOS users
You might not be able to run the installer because it's not signed (I'm not forking out 100$ for a company I hate), follow this guide to be able to open it and read the notice at the beginning of the installer.
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Added option to disable automatic volume scaling
Added scale size and scale boost option
Fixed Monstercat filter strength value range
Fixed dead bars at the end of the visualizer
Fixed visualizer not working with frame rates other than 60
Removed specific fps option
Added linux version