MIDIControl - Control OBS, Soundboard, Twitch chat with MIDI Devices

Free MIDIControl - Control OBS, Soundboard, Twitch chat with MIDI Devices

New Setup:
Includes now dependencies : WebView2 & .Net 4.7.2

Major bugfix, no more crash if you add/remove filter in OBS while MIDIControl open.
You can also now modify/add your filter settings:
If you add a non-native filter setting, open "FilterLog.log" in %AppData%\MIDIControl to set Min and Max values in "filterminmax.csv"
(You have to bind it to a slider/knob, then change the slider/knob value before opening "FilterLog.log")
Studio Mode : Enabling/Disabling Studio Mode in OBS with Keybind
Renaming Keybinds : Keybinds can now be renamed !
Profiles : You can add profiles, and switch from one to another in the software or with a MIDI Key.
Profiles are made for multiple mapping of keybinds.

New UI : Buttons, Icons & status-bar for twitch, OBS and MIDI overview.
Click on the status-bas button to connect/disconnect/refresh

Launchpad MK2 should now work for LEDs. Should as I can't test, but trust me, it should :D
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New features:
Send message in your Twitch Chat !
Supports for APC40 LEDs feedback
Save Record/Replay
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Sliders/Knob can now control filters settings values for OBS.
MIDIControl is now able to simulate Media Keys so you can play/pause your current track, next or previous, for any Music Player (or movie).
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MIDI Feedback (LEDs) should work for Launchpad Mini.
Scenes filters are now available.
MIDI Feedback is working also for Scenes switch.
New icon !
Possible fix for MIDI Buttons.
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Features :
- MIDI Forward IN & Out, using loopMIDI preconfigured. You can now forward MIDI Message to another 3rd party app, and activate MIDI Feedback in the 3rd party app. Supports only APC Mini.
- No more configuration to activate MIDI Forward.

Bugfix :
Crash for some configurations when using soundboard.
Features :
- Preview Scene (like Switch Scene), for Studio mode only
- Media Play/Stop/Restart for Media Scene Items
- Transition manually using slider/knob
- MIDI Feedback for some OBS actions (only for APC Mini at the moment)

You have to upgrade your OBS Websocket to version 4.9.0 at least ( https://github.com/Palakis/obs-websocket/releases/tag/4.9.0 )
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