1. normen

    Free obs-mcu v0.7.0

    What This small application creates a bridge between OBS and a Mackie Control (or compatible) fader controller. It allows controlling the OBS audio channels through the hardware faders as well as executing OBS keyboard shortcuts via buttons on the control surface. Most features of the OBS audio...
  2. S

    not able to record my midi keyboard

    Hi,I try to record a video with OBS and Logic Pro X ,as I do performance with my midi keyboard.I hear my keyboard when I press the keys in OBS,but its sound doesnt appear in the recorded video,only my build in mic I could hear,pls help
  3. L

    How to get OBS to recognize DMXControl 3 as a MIDI device?

    Hi, Fairly new to OBS, and was wondering how can I get DMXControl 3 software to show up as a MIDI device in OBS? I would like to be able to start 2 scenes at the same time...a DMX light show and a video to stream. Basically, the idea is to have certain lights show at different times in the...
  4. kazzle101

    Free midiObsWS - Control OBS with a MIDI device. 0.3

    A program to allow OBS to be controlled by a MIDI device via obs-Websockets. This has been written to provide basic functionality; scene switching, volume control and allow operation of the main controls such as recording, streaming and the virtual camera. Written in Python 3.9, use OBS v28 or...
  5. D

    Midi Mixer and Audio Monitor

    Hi guys, after several hours, I was able to configure my midi mixer with obs, but now I am at a blind spot. The problem is the following, from the midi mixer software I can display and associate keys only on the real audio sources, the problem now is to make the midi mixer software display the...
  6. nhielost


    nhielost submitted a new resource: obs-midi-mg - Allows MIDI devices to interact with OBS Studio. Read more about this resource...
  7. nhielost

    obs-midi-mg 3.0.3

    NOTE: This plugin cannot be used on versions below 28.0.0. View the GitHub repo for more details. This plugin makes it easy to control OBS Studio using MIDI devices. It's easy to set up, easy to use and is cross-platform as it was built using the new plugin template. Releases can be found...
  8. nhielost

    obs-midi-python [Deleted]

    nhielost submitted a new resource: obs-midi-python - Allows MIDI devices to control OBS through message bindings. Read more about this resource...
  9. justedit

    Control OBS Studio like a video switcher with "VMIX Mini Switcher" panel

    Here is a small video showing how OBS can be remote controlled with a VMIX Mini Switcher panel (MIDI) OBS Studio 27.1 VMIX Mini Switcher panel OBS Plugins used : - OBS Websocket - MIDIControl - Move Transition - Animated Lower Thirds
  10. jshea2

    Free OSC for OBS App 2.7

    OSC for OBS An application for Mac and PC that controls and listens to OBS via OSC. Made for live events for triggering and automating cues from an external application (like QLab and TouchOSC) Requires: obs-websocket plugin OSC Commands: v2.2.0 features include: Trigger Scenes Trigger Next...
  11. K

    Sound ruins after running OBS on Mac

    Good Evening, I have an iMac (HighSierra) and a Bose NC 700 headset connected. Just installed Black Hole to let OBS simultaneously capture computer music and my speaking on the mic. It works quite well. Problem is each time I start OBS it just ruins the quality of music, physically switching...
  12. cpyarger

    obs-midi 0.9.3-Alpha-3x

    Use MIDI devices to trigger events in OBS and visa versa. This has been tested working on Windows, and Linux. The current build for mac has many issues which seem to result in OBS crashing, OBS MIDI is currently going through a complete rewrite. Please post issues, bug reports, and feature...
  13. Etuldan

    Free MIDIControl - Control OBS, Soundboard, Twitch chat with MIDI Devices

    MIDIControl is an external software (Windows Only), to remote control OBS, act as Soundboard, interact with your GoXLR, send message in Twitch Chat, with any MIDI controller, like APC (from AKAI), Launchpad (from Novation), ... It support profiles/mapping, so you can switch from one to another...
  14. T

    Question / Help MIDI Help Please

    Good Day, Please forgive me but I didn't know where else to turn - like so many noobs! I am interested in getting a MIDI controller. I have a MacBook Pro with Mojave 10.14.6 and use Logic Pro X, Final Cut, and sometimes Audacity. I am gearing up for podcasts and youtube videos of which OBS...
  15. Twan

    Free OBS-Websocket-midi 0.1.0

    This custom streamdeck will allow you to use any midi input to switch scenes and much more in the feature. Note. This is still under development Requirements: - obs-studio 18.0.0 or higher - obs-websocket Features: - switch from scene Next Update: - the process of adding an action is much...
  16. lleremi

    Question / Help Connect MIDI to OBS

    Hi, First of all, I would like to apologize for my English, but I am Spanish and I do not speak that language well. I want to connect a MIDI table to the OBS so I can change the OBS scene from the MIDI and not from the mouse and keyboard. I would like you to tell me what I would have to do to...