Question / Help MIDI Help Please

Good Day,

Please forgive me but I didn't know where else to turn - like so many noobs!

I am interested in getting a MIDI controller. I have a MacBook Pro with Mojave 10.14.6 and use Logic Pro X, Final Cut, and sometimes Audacity. I am gearing up for podcasts and youtube videos of which OBS will be a part of my workflow. However, the controller will be use primarily for upping my game in the following areas:

1) sound effects for live stream podcasts and youtube videos;
2) live theatre style events and live streams of sound effects. I gamester for role playing games and host murder mystery parties in which i am wanting to add ambient music, monster sound effects, and other audio gems to the game table / virtual table at the push of a button without the need of navigating file menus and such through my DAW or other software;
3) I would also like to take my music creation from just garage gaming to actual recording in a studio I'm building in my home.

I was looking at the Maschine MK3, MK3 Mikro, Personus Atom, Akai MPK 249/261, Novation launch pad Pro, and the Akai APC40 Mii. There are soo many out there I've about exhausted my ability to dive any further and ran into analysis paralysis.

Here's what I want in terms of functionality:
Must haves
1) Full ability to be used while recording my screen with OBS and in Logic Pro X and compatibility on the MacOS/iOS eco systems. If I must use other software it must be mac compatible with the exported files being used in Logic Pro X / Final Cut.
2) High quality/durability -- i.e. professional grade
3) push button assignments for full ambient sound effects & background music such as bar atmosphere crow, jazz bar music, cave ambient sounds, wind and thunderstorms, etc.
4) push button assignments for sound effects that are one offs such as a dragon roar or some pre-prep'd character speech.
5) ability to be used as a music machine as most people use these for.

Nice to have: Velocity sensitive key's because I do toy with finger drumming at times and would enjoy this feature.

I don't DJ and am new to midi / professional music creation so am really lost in all this. I don't plan to DJ music but considering the rpg aspect of what I do and am, trying to accomplish, I figured midi controllers where what I was looking for. Am I looking at the right equipment and in the ball park of what I should be looking for? Or am i completely off in left field?

What would you recommend I look at to meet my needs? Any particular product favorites out there?

Much appreciation for your assistance and patience.
Update for anyone interested: It looks like a MIDI controller will work for what I'm hoping to accomplish although I'm still looking for the best option for my Logic Pro X and MacOS/iOS set ups.

I am sorry if this wasn't the right forum to post this so please forgive me.