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obs-midi-mg 3.0.3


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obs-midi-mg - Allows MIDI devices to interact with OBS Studio.

NOTE: This plugin cannot be used on versions below 28.0.0. View the GitHub repo for more details.

This plugin makes it easy to control OBS Studio using MIDI devices. It's easy to set up, easy to use and is cross-platform as it was built using the new plugin template.

Releases can be found using the link above.

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obs-midi-mg v1.1.1 is now available. Click here to download.


- The message menu now has tooltips (the next update will include the actions menu)

- UI has been adjusted so that the Yami theme is now displayed properly
- Names are now bolded for more visibility
- The functionality of adjusting the requirement of the message value has moved
- Clicking the number...

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I'm really having trouble understanding how to make this plugin work...

what are messages?
what are actions?
how am I able to autodetect a input from my keyboard?

I have several knobs on my Axiom air 32 mini that I used to control the volume of several audio sources and I have no clue on how to do that with your plugin now.

any help would be appreciated


Thanks for your reply!

Messages are the values that your device sends to make sound or so other things (or in this case, to do something in OBS). I am currently working on a listening to message feature so that this process can become easier, but it is still under development.

Actions are the things that occur as a result of listening to a message (i.e. the actual thing that you want to happen in OBS).

As for the auto detect input, this feature was mentioned above and is in development currently.

To view a more in-depth description, please visit the repository here. Feel free to ask further questions if you have them!


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so what shoul I set if I want to take a knob with 128 values to set the volume of a audiosource?

do I have to do 128 different messages?
installed the plugin via the .deb package. Unfortunately the plugin won't show up under Tools.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


so what shoul I set if I want to take a knob with 128 values to set the volume of a audiosource?

do I have to do 128 different messages?
Fortunately, you do not have to do that.

First, create a binding inside your device. Then inside the binding, add a message and change the values as needed, but leave the last one set to off.

Then create an action inside the same binding, and set it to Audio Sources > Set Source Volume To. Choose the source, and click the volume number so that it flips to off as well. This will allow you to use the message value in the action.

And that's it! You only need one message and one action for setting the volume of a source.

(NOTE: For other readers, this applies to many actions included in this plugin. Setting the number to off in an action will always use the message value instead of a fixed value.)


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thank you very much for these instructions :)

this is working but only to a degree

the audio source is only going to -40dB and not all the way down to -128dB as it should


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This was working for me on my Mac up until the latest update. Now OBS crashes upon attempting to open. Any advice?


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Unfortunately Midi device (nanokontrol 2 by korg) is not listed with the new version - any updates or suggestions?
I've had no problem with my nanoKontrol 2, it registers and is detected as available.

OS: Windows 11
Asset downloaded: obs-midi-mg-1.3.0-windows-x64-Installer.exe

I also installed the x86 version but it didn't detect it as a tool to use, x64 worked.

(edit: I see you are using linux looking up at your previous post, my help is a bit futile.)
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I don't want this to sound harsh, I want it to be taken as constructive criticism since it's the only "working" MIDI alternative to the other plugin that was posted a long time ago.

I've tried to make this work with my nanoKontrol2 and although I noticed it can detect my faders sending the message, I can't say it does anything other than increase in extremely small amounts (Like screen pixels worth of space). I've tried all methods and all options and none of them are working at all for me in particular (Running on v28 and Win 11).