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obs-midi-mg 3.0.3

This new version is not compatible with the vmix mini switcher keyboard and obs, it does not recognize the keyboard as the previous version 2.3.0 did. Is there any improvement solution?
I was going to try the shorter named "obs-midi", but I didn't know the difference and the reviews seemed good for this one. I was up and running and got my guitar pedalboard to switch scenes and toggle sources off/on in 10 minutes. BAZINGA!
Excellent utility. Love the UI. Always getting better!
OBS should come with this plug-in as a default because it really works! This new interface rocks, wish there could be a way to program led feedback on midi device that follows OBS but for now this plugin really helped my workflow.
Very Easy to use and great fir my use of midi.
I'm very satisfied with the function.
I'm using Streamdeck+
We're using MIDI,
Communication with Stream Deck is possible.
But if there's a problem, the stream deck's information is
It may be stored in the OBS, but the status of the OBS is
It does not move on to the stream deck.
So it's a good idea to connect these two
We have a receiving terminal, so we need a transmitting terminal
I think.
Heavily convenient for me! Has all sorts of functions from scene switching to audio volume control.
I've tried all of the MIDI plugins for OBS. This has the greatest number of features and works reliably. Now, with the new interface it is fast becoming the best and much easier to use as well.

Many thanks to the developer for this!
Finaly someone release a midi-plugin that work realy fine. Thank you sooo much, i will donate with pleasure 20$...People please read the Help Guide befor you keep nhielost busy with st**** questions, cuz i would like, if he can optimize the plugin with some useful tools like a copy/past function for bindings...cuz i have ~250 bindings, allways the same for different channels...
I just play saturday a live-gig as a visual artist with, incredible, not one crash in 16 hours!!! image, i switch with one fader 3x/second between 6 complex scenes!

Setup: MacBook Air M1, OBS 28.0.3, obs-midi-mg-1.4.2-macos-arm64, Akai Professional MidiMix
Korg nanoKONTROL2 -- I had the software installed and Record & Stop buttons working in about 3 minutes! A lot of features which can make set up more challenging, but the "Listen for Message" makes it very easy to learn the correct message.
Great to have Midi Capabilities in a resident plugin - Thank You!
Excellent plugin pour le Midi !
Enfin, un à jour et dont le développeur est à l'écoute pour résoudre les problèmes ainsi que prendre les suggestions pour proposer un plugin de Midi le plus performant.

Je l'utilise pour faire fonctionner mon Korg NanoKontrol 2 avec Midi-OX et LoopMidi car j'utilise aussi Voicemetter et je souhaitais diviser mon Midi en deux.