1. R

    How do i copy a Dock to use in another Scene Collection

    So i recently set up the docked OBS Soundboard, added all my sounds too it (34 sounds to be exact) and set up all the hotkeys for them all which took me a fair bit of time... But when i switch between my weekly streams scene collection... and my weekend Horror Streams Scene collection... i open...
  2. Y

    Semi-free GroundControl CASTER | Virtual Mixer, Cable-Free Audio routing for Mac 2.0.5

    Here is some highlighted of GroundControl CASTER free version: 1. Free virtual audio device to stream your desktop sound to your favorite streaming app. 2. Free interface to monitor this audio stream in your headphones. 3. Free Soundboard track with funny sounds and an option to load your own...
  3. C

    Soundboard Dock 1.1.1

    Setup Enable the Soundboard dock in the docks menu Click the + icon in the lower left corner Enter the name and browse for the desired audio file in the add sound dialog To edit a sound, click the config button in the bottom left or click edit in the right click menu Features Hotkeys can be...
  4. mrjumpingjack

    Free Houston - MIDI Controller for OBS 5.0.2

    Houston formally known as "LaunchPadForOBS" enables you to control your OBS with any MIDI controller e.g Launchpad, but also supports virtual clients, so basically every browser can be your controller. Support for studio mode Preview scenes Switch between scenes Show/hide scene items Volume...
  5. Etuldan

    Free MIDIControl - Control OBS, Soundboard, Twitch chat with MIDI Devices

    MIDIControl is an external software (Windows Only), to remote control OBS, act as Soundboard, interact with your GoXLR, send message in Twitch Chat, with any MIDI controller, like APC (from AKAI), Launchpad (from Novation), ... It support profiles/mapping, so you can switch from one to another...
  6. H

    Free Launchpad Controller for OBS 1.2

    You want's to control your stream environment like a pro but you don't want to pay 150$ for a streamdeck ? There is the solution ! You can use your already acquired launchpad or buy the launchpad mini for 78$ (half of the price of a streamdeck) This tool is simple, this is how it works : And...