1. mrjumpingjack

    Free Launchpad for OBS

    LaunchPad for OBS enables you to control your OBS instance via launch pad buttons. Supports normal and studio mode. Supported actions: -Start/Stop/Toogle Stream -Start/Stop/Toogle/Pause recording -Change scenes -Preview scene -Set transtion/duration -Toogle mute audio device -Change volume of...
  2. Etuldan

    Free MIDIControl - Control OBS (and SoundBoard) with MIDI Input

    MIDIControl is an external software (Windows Only), to remote control OBS with any MIDI device. Switch scene, show/hide source, mute/unmute any scene/source, show/hide filter, ... with a MIDI device. Also, you can play any local audio file (like a soundboard) If you have an Android device...
  3. L

    Free LioranBoard Stream Deck/Animator 1.41

    Main Download link Mirror What is LioranBoard? A fully customizable Stream deck for your android device or PC. Manage your stream in multiple ways. Move source on screen over a duration. Manage Filters settings, turn them on and off with 1 press. Trigger actions through Twitch actions such as...
  4. H

    Free Launchpad Controller for OBS 1.2

    You want's to control your stream environment like a pro but you don't want to pay 150$ for a streamdeck ? There is the solution ! You can use your already acquired launchpad or buy the launchpad mini for 78$ (half of the price of a streamdeck) This tool is simple, this is how it works : And...