Using Soundboard in game makes an echo


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As said in the title, while recording valorant games I use Soundpad to blast music in game.
Unfortunately I get an issue where my recording picks up both my headset sound and my microphone sound while so.
Is there a way for me to still hear the music i'm playing through my microphone while OBS picks up only one of them so I dont get an echo?

In the hope that someone has a solution for me


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Draw out your entire system. How does each signal flow through it? If you end up with a loop somewhere, or multiple paths for the same thing to get to the same place, that's your problem. And the solution should be easy once you see it like that.

One common way for that to happen, which doesn't necessarily sound like your rig but still could be, is that the Desktop Capture and Audio Output Capture are practically the last possible thing before the signal leaves the physical box. Thus, they capture EVERYTHING that the selected device does, with a pedantic definition of "everything". OBS's own Monitor, Windows' passthrough of something else ("Listen to this device"), speaker-specific tweaks, system volume, etc., are all included.