MIDIControl - Control OBS, Soundboard, Twitch chat with MIDI Devices

Free MIDIControl - Control OBS, Soundboard, Twitch chat with MIDI Devices

Great tool, can we inclued on the future update an option to trigger hotkey? I use it for a lower thirds plugin here at obs. Thanks a lot men
Excellent tool, thank you so much! However I can't get the MIDI forward to work with LoopMIDI.
I ignored the loopMIDI port but it won't receive any data that I could forward to other apps.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
The setup should autoconfigure LoopMIDI with 2 virtual devices "MIDIControl Forward IN" and "MIDIControl Forward OUT". If not, you can create them manually on loopMIDI then restart MIDIControl.
awesome job ma man is there any way to make the original launchpad leds to work? would be amazing this is by far one of the best tools
Wow! In my honest opinion this is THE ULTIMATE plugin! It adds so much value to OBS so that it can be operated like a professional Studio. The Dev Etuldan is fast and consistent with updates. A must have for anyone who wants to elevate to the next Level!
Really great plugin, especially since the dev keeps updating it! Maybe a good feature will be to add color's when a button is pressed, so when i for example switch to a scene the buttons gets red or green, i think it could be a simple "On button press" option!
LED is bounded to actions in OBS/Soundboard, and not to keypress (for example, keypress on a button linked to a scene change will enable this LED, and disable all other change scene buttons)
Really good app, been using this since it came out but I personally would believe that this would be much better if it was Open Source,s o the community can add their own contributions and make this program even better than it is right now.

Keep up with the great work, you've come pretty far!
Audio Faders in APCmini keep being erratic with an initial big jump. Going to test the rest.
Initial "big" jump should not be an issue.
-inf dB , -42.1dB and -36.1dB is almost the same : muted
However, it is very important to get high precision for higher values.
For me version is not working properly: keys arren't trigger the OBS scene. Sliders are strange : they follow a Logarithmic run.
Version 1.3.0 work better for me.
Anyway it's a very good project ! Thanks !
Excellent tool, lightweight but powerful.
Setup was only slightly confusing, but I figured it out pretty quick, was instantly blows away at its accuracy and ease. Better than the other plugin I tried which did nothing but slow OBS down to .5fps somehow. But, I unplugged my midi controller and since then I cant get the plugin to respond to it. Still going to try to get it working, might have to do a reinstall but we'll see. Was great when it worked! Only thing I dont like is that you cant change the channel once its set, its uneditable, meaning I have to delete whatever I mapped and re map it. Other than that its 5⭐
If you edit the keybind, and while the edit window opened you press another MIDI key (with a different channel for example), it should work.
Not only does this give us an interface to repeat all MIDI events through a multi-MIDI driver like LoopBe1 but it gives direct control to OBS via websocket which I love.. It's very clean. Honestly this could be expanded into a very capable global MIDI control hub. Great work. One thing I noticed is that the new start/stop/toggle stream record function requires a double message to activate in OBS. So in otherwords, I need to press my button twice to either stop or start recording function. Not sure if others are having this issue. I don't have any such issues with mute toggle, etc...
Works very well! I've tried all of the other midi plugins for obs and this works the easiest and best. Thanks.
I still need to use another program (MidiKey2Key) to activate computer keyboard "hotkeys" using midi. If this plugin had a way to either send a computer keystroke combination or even better, enable access to the same list of hotkeys dynamically listed in OBS, that would enable it to trigger all OBS functions and 3rd party plugins like ReplaySource, for example which control Speed, Direction, or any of the other controls available in this or other plugins that show up in OBS's dynamic hotkey-list.

One other possibly more complicated enhancement might be to enable midi SysEx messages to be captured as well. Right now, I use BOME midi translator to receive SysEx and then convert to midi CC messages to send to this plugin...
A MIDI to Keystroke feature could be a good idea indeed.

About SysEx, MIDIControl uses NAudio lib to intercept MIDI Event.
As stated here https://github.com/naudio/NAudio/issues/186 , there is no plan to receive SysEx. And I don't plan to switch from NAudio lib to another one.
Great so far, would be great to start and stop streaming and recording, otherwise its the best.
With current updated version, you can ! Enjoy :)