There are literally NO instructions whatsoever, and trying to find the image file it requests (even reading the comments) is infuriating so... after some searching I find it... except there is no mouse/wasd option. This is just not very well explained and honestly for someone looking for some plug and play option, this isn't it.
Did you read the plugin post at all? There's a part called "How to install and use" that might be what you're looking for, it even contains a video tutorial. I moved it further up so it's a bit easier to find.
Very nice plugin,
i made a preset, how can i upload it? it is an arrow preset as an Overlay like the "wasd-extended", with yellow background if pressing
I was wondering if this could be setup with a dual pc stream as well? To install it on the game pc and send the input over to the stream pc to preview it on stream.

Anyone knows if this is possible? If so, how?
yeah the feature is already done, but it's not included in the current version
Great piece of plugin. Work flawlessly in my laptop. Thanks.
Does the job and performs well. Thanks for this!
Does more or less what it says on the tin, though setting it up and knowing where to put the image files and so on isn't mentioned in the "installation" instructions.

One major problem/oversight, though, and the reason I'm rating it the way it is, is that the "Input History" overlay has several keyboard buttons that it doesn't register. Specifically, no punctuation marks show up when you press them.

Since I was planning to use this to make some Photoshop and other tutorials more accessible with visible keystrokes, this oversight makes the plugin unusable for me, since ctrl++, ctrl+[, etc. are common keyboard shortcuts, and none of them register. (Ironically, they do show up on the keyboard overlay, but displaying the whole keyboard on-screen at once takes up way too much screen real estate.)

It looks like I'll have to find some external solution that runs outside of OBS.
There's a tutorial video for more detailed installation instructions. Also Input history only shows keyboard shortcuts of predefined keycodes. If you want additional key names, there is an option to load a config file which maps keycodes to names:
Keycodes can be obtained by running demo_hook_async.exe in the "util" folder.
Its a good Plugin but, i dont understand the section of "2_key_row/col" i was unable to create my own keyboard
btw, still have a problem with the default presets
When i use the
Qwerty Full, this happens:
WASD Full,
And every preset is like that
Need help :C
Which version are you using? As for creating your own overlays, did you watch the tutorial video?
Really professional overlay, looks great and it's easy to configure for newcomers.
I program my own keyboard this night I have a lot of problems to indicate the program which letters have to use. I couldn't use what you do in your tutorial video

I couldn't put:

E.g: 2_key_order= Q,W,E,R ...

For this letters, I have to write:


I don't exactly know how to find this hex numbers because I extract from your templates to develop my own (For league of legends)

Anyways now is working and I love the plugin if you answer this question could be nice to make easy the experience to developers
In previous versions it was possible to write the letters, but in the newer versions you'll have to use codes from this page:
For example to find the code for the key "W" you'd search for VC_W in uiohook.h
Hi How to use in Streamlabs OBS ?
You can't. Streamlabs doesn't support OBS Studio plugins
This is pretty awesome!!
Much better than "nohboard".
I even shoot a guide - how to use it\install it\modify it.

Creators thx for free, good, plugin.
V4.3.1 running due to some bugs occured on 4.4.... still awesome plugin :D
Danke das Du es weiter entwickelst
Cool plugin! It's not hard to create your own layout.
10/10 Best plugin ever, stop reading this review and download it right now.
I like this plugin. Need more templates :D