I program my own keyboard this night I have a lot of problems to indicate the program which letters have to use. I couldn't use what you do in your tutorial video

I couldn't put:

E.g: 2_key_order= Q,W,E,R ...

For this letters, I have to write: http://prntscr.com/jobdm2


I don't exactly know how to find this hex numbers because I extract from your templates to develop my own (For league of legends)

Anyways now is working and I love the plugin if you answer this question could be nice to make easy the experience to developers
In previous versions it was possible to write the letters, but in the newer versions you'll have to use codes from this page:
For example to find the code for the key "W" you'd search for VC_W in uiohook.h
hello universallp I see 3 folders one that is data and one that is obs plugins and the other that says io client and there is a program do you know what that program is for
It's for people that use multiple computers when streaming. It sends inputs from one computer to another.
Awesome! I kind of wish there was a directory I could use so I can change the texture and layout. Also, some of the buttons won't work nor export correctly if you make your own. Other than that, I really like the plugin! It's fantastic and amazing and cool and awesome and....
Works as intended, you just need the image and config file. You can find these at the github page.
Works flawlessly, however, I can't seem to make it work with the steam controller, any ideas?
You'll need something that makes it available as an Xinput device, eg. https://alia5.github.io/GloSC/
Very nice plugin,
i made a preset, how can i upload it? it is an arrow preset as an Overlay like the "wasd-extended", with yellow background if pressing
Really professional overlay, looks great and it's easy to configure for newcomers.
A great plug in, I will be using a lot... so I plan to. My only question is mapping of mouse buttons to regular keyboard keys. Currently I had to duplicate keyboard and crop individual letters to show the clicks from my mouse's extra buttons, such a "G" for wheel click, "R" for reload from one of the side mouse buttons.
Is there a way I can make some changes and replace ASCII code somewhere? or any other options to show those clicks on my mouse view instead of keyboard workaround. Extra mouse buttons, including wheel click is not highlighting.
It's not a game breaker, still nice options for me, and I will use it as is, but if there is a fix, please let me know :)
Amazing plugin! I use it alot.
I'm very happy to use the software you've created.
We also hope to add a Fight stick user interface.
The program took a while to adapt to, but it was well worth the effort as this also allowed for quite some flexibility on how one can design their overlay.
Though a small complaint I have is how the Numpad keys aren't working for the plugin.. even when they still appeared to function in io-cct. I hope this will be fixed soon.
It's precisely what it needs to be and does it well. with the advent of its io_client, it's perfect for any stream set-up. it is fully customizable and works cleanly. The only con is that it is not for the plug-n'-play user (hopefully not too many on here for this to apply).
Users that are experiencing issues finding the input overlay source are not on the most recent update of OBS Studio (Windows10.) reproduced the issue with a VM. Users who do not understand the setup are likely not downloading the file zips, as the installer does not install the preset images or understand how to create their own in the config creator (whatever an uber-1337 coder is.) All in all, a well made tool and I appreciate your dedicated work. For people with issues - you can attempt a lesser refined tool called inputmapper, but if you can't work this, good luck with that.
Hi,This is a really useful.I'm very enjoy it in my Final Fantasy XIV live stream. Config creation tool is very powerful. But I can't create key 6,7,ESC and ~ , because the textures png without that key!!!
Can I ask you to create that key textures in the wasd.png?
I really need it.
Excellent plugin. Highly customizable, ini files were relatively easy for me to understand, and overall a very good overlay. I occasionally run into a minor issue where one of the keys would randomly get stuck into a 'Pressed' state until I press that key again. It happens often, but not too much as to be a real nuisance (though I could see it as a problem for full QWERTY layouts).
Does the job and performs well. Thanks for this!
Only the mouse and keyboard work for me, not the gamepad and by the way I like your universallp plugins
Yeah there are some issues with gamepads. A few work (mine does) but I'm looking into using a more reliable library for gamepad input
10/10 Best plugin ever, stop reading this review and download it right now.
Cool plugin! It's not hard to create your own layout.
I really like your plugin. I suggest adding in the config text file wich one modify the texture file or how the overlay will be placed. I figured it out easy tho.

I'm currently making my own keyboard one with a retro style but, some of my keys are not perfectly 3 time width like the spacebar. Is the size multiplier float? Can we use decimal number for the size multiplier?

I plan on posting my retro keyboard style here when done.
No the width can only be a whole number