1. R

    Hotkeys not working

    Hello, my binds for mute sound not working. Only way I can mute microphone is through Logitech ghub using app connection and setup binds in keyboard. Its ok but I have several sounds to mute by sound split plugin and Ghub only support mic and system sounds mute/unmute. In obs my binds like...
  2. raarts

    Semi-free KeyPad 1.94

    If you stream from a mac, and use a separate streaming pc, this utility comes in very handy. Press a hotkey, and suddenly your mac is the keyboard/mouse for your streaming pc, and you can control it from your mac. I connect my Mac to an HDMI capture card in my Windows PC (which runs OBS...
  3. reejk

    OBS Python OBS Indications on Corsair Keyboard 1

    This script changes led colors on Corsair keyboards by statuses of OBS scenes, sources and filters. This way you can understand what's going on in the stream even when the OBS window is not visible. Each led has settings for color when scene is active, filter is enabled, source is active, shown...
  4. B

    Keyboard Stops Working "Holding Down Keys" on a Brand New Computer

    Hey guys! I'm having a bit of a cryptic problem. Every time I open OBS Studio (keep in mind, I literally took the computer out of the box today) the input to my keyboard stops working, but it will every once in a while act like it's holding down a key and it won't let up. The keyboard works...
  5. M

    Keyboard/Input interference

    When I have OBS open, it interferes with my input devices, sometimes the mouse but most particularly the keyboard, causing inputs to either be frequently dropped or occasionally repeated multiple times per second continuously, only stopping when I hit the same key again or (sometimes) another...
  6. U


    upgradeQ submitted a new resource: OBS-VirtualChat - Write to text source , using only keyboard. Read more about this resource...
  7. U

    OBS Lua OBS-VirtualChat 1.1.0

    OBS-VirtualChat Write to text source , using only keyboard. MCOSU full screen example see demo Setup - download ,add it via Tools > Scripts > + button - create hotkeys for on/off. Search for "Restart" and "Stop" in settings Usage - Restart hotkey clears buffer and hooks keyboard - Stop...
  8. T

    Question / Help Wireless keyboard not recognised when woken from sleep

    I have a wireless number pad that I am using to trigger scene changes. I have assigned a different number on the numpad to a dedicated scene and that does the job for me. However, if I do not interact with the wireless numpad (bluetooth) for a specific amount of time (I haven't managed to...
  9. T

    Question / Help OBS broke my keyboard

    Idk how to explain this any further nor how to ask for help any more clearly than OBS breaks my keyboard, whenever i start up OBS my keyboard immediately gets unplugged and will only work for 5-10 seconds before being unplugged this issue stays after ive shut down OBS until i have replugged the...
  10. T

    Question / Help External mouse & keyboard issues

    Hi, I recently changed to new a laptop HP Zbook (I am using dock, external mouse, external keyboard and external monitor). As I start to do anything in OBS, external mouse and external keyboard stop working. Laptop touchpad and keyboard work normally. Closing OBS won't make any difference, they...
  11. I

    Question / Help moise keyboard and camera freezing for a couple second

    basically since a wee ago when i stream my mouse, keyboard and cam freezes when i use obs constantly if anyone knows whats the problem please help me out. heres my logs
  12. K

    Question / Help Noise gate impossible loop

    So I recently began messing with voice filters for my blue snowball to eliminate the sound on my loud keyboard. And when I say loud, I mean it is the loudest keyboard I have ever heard in terms of mechanical keyboards. I settled that for the noise gate I needed a opening on 18 and a closing of...
  13. L

    Question / Help Is there a way to block other programs from receiving key presses from hotkeys?

    I want to use hotkeys, but I hate that I always type something when I use them. I wonder if there is an option so only OBS receives the key press. For example when I have a hotkey on the "a" key and I press it, I want OBS to do whatever the hotkey should do, but I don't want to actually type "a"...
  14. K

    Free Keyboard Display for League of Legends 2018-10-23

    Hello. First of all I want to say sorry for my poor english. Why did I created this: Few months ago I tryed to find some kind of app, which can display pressed buttons for League of Legends. But everything I found didnt work well, so I decided to code it by myself. What's done: Coded few...
  15. universallp

    Input Overlay v5.0.0

    Input Overlay is a small plugin for obs studio that shows keyboard, mouse and gamepad inputs on stream. It adds a new source for visualizing inputs. How does it work? The plugin uses a texture and a config file to create the overlay. This means that you can configure which buttons are shown on...