Keyboard Stops Working "Holding Down Keys" on a Brand New Computer


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Hey guys! I'm having a bit of a cryptic problem. Every time I open OBS Studio (keep in mind, I literally took the computer out of the box today) the input to my keyboard stops working, but it will every once in a while act like it's holding down a key and it won't let up. The keyboard works perfectly if I close out of OBS Studio and it isn't running. I've only found one other person with this issue that fixed it here, except for the fact that I don't even have NVIDIA Broadcast on my PC. Here is the link to the log file. I really need to have this fixed relatively soon because I use OBS for my schoolwork to record. The computer is a CYBERPOWERPC GAMER ULTRA 6700XT and the keyboard is a Razer BlackWidow V3. Thanks in advance!
Hi. I would like to bump up this post as well. I have been facing this issue and have not bothered to stream from OBS anymore. Closing Nvidia Broadcast doesn't help at all. Every time I start up the program, I opened up a notepad to check if the latest update has a fixed on the current issue. I typed gibberish on the notepad only to realise that my keyboard buttons just hold down on certain letters and anything I type can be a little unresponsive. This has been happening since early half of last year.


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There is a problem with the QT library and OBS.
All my keyboard problems are solved by starting OBS from the command line...

~$ obs QT_NO_GLIB=1