keyboard input

  1. F

    Unable to type in chat docks or other text input docks, can only copy and paste works?

    Very strange issue just started happening. I'm unable to type in docks such as chat docks / stream chat / casterlab chat dock. Only copy and paste registers and recieves the input. Unable to type any alterations in the stream information dock pop up. If I create a new source I can type the...
  2. Rivulet62

    Use keybinds not on normal keyboard?

    I have an extra set of keys not found on a regular keyboard, is there a way to use them with OBS? The keybinds menu doesn't seem to let me use them.
  3. mula

    Free Keyviz v1.0.6

    Keyviz Keyviz is a free and open-source software to visualize your ⌨️ keystrokes in real time! Let your audience know what handy shortcuts/keys you're pressing during screencasts, presentations, collaborations, or whenever you need it. Style Don't restrain yourself to just black & white...
  4. B

    Keyboard Stops Working "Holding Down Keys" on a Brand New Computer

    Hey guys! I'm having a bit of a cryptic problem. Every time I open OBS Studio (keep in mind, I literally took the computer out of the box today) the input to my keyboard stops working, but it will every once in a while act like it's holding down a key and it won't let up. The keyboard works...