Problem with the keyboard and obs


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Hi guys, first of all sorry for my english.

When i play without the obs open i can play perfect, the problem is when the obs is open, the keyboard "hold" buttons and i dont push nothing, is like i move left and stop but in the game continue going left. I use obs studio, streamlabs obs, reinstall, reset configuration and dont fix the problem.


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Hello, I am also having this issue. I did some testing and I believe it to be NVIDIA Broadcast that causes my keyboard to "hold" down the key randomly. It actually happened while I was making this reply. I currently have Streamlabs OBS open and NVIDIA Broadcast on. So try Quitting NVIDIA Broadcast manually on the bottom right task bar because it always runs in the background. Hopefully this helps and Streamlabs can fix this.


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There is a problem with the QT library and OBS.
All my keyboard problems are solved by starting OBS from the command line...

~$ obs QT_NO_GLIB=1