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So I recently began messing with voice filters for my blue snowball to eliminate the sound on my loud keyboard. And when I say loud, I mean it is the loudest keyboard I have ever heard in terms of mechanical keyboards. I settled that for the noise gate I needed a opening on 18 and a closing of about 10 in order to remove most keyboard sounds unless I loudly mash the keyboard. However, when I do this I can no longer hear my voice unless I get really close to my mic which isn't really an option at this time. I am working on getting a better mic setup but that could take some time. Is there anything I can do to help make my voice come through at a farther distance? Maybe by using another filter. Sorry for my ignorance, I am quite the amateur. Thanks ahead of time for any wisdom you have.


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There is no way except reducing the distance between your mouth and the mic. The more far away a sound source is from the mic, the quieter it is registered by the mic. To remove unwanted sound sources, you move them as far away from the mic as possible, and to emphasize important sound sources, you move them as near as possible to the mic.

The Blue Snowball is a mic on a small tripod, and if I assume correctly by guessing that you put it on the desk about next to your keyboard, than it's probably nearer to your keyboard than to your mouth, and then it's no wonder it records your keyboard very prominently and your voice not.
Any unwanted sound sources should be distinctly more far away from the mic than any wanted sound sources. A loud clicking keyboard present while not using a microphone that is not more than 6 cm from your mouth will always be heard. There are mechanical keyboards without click. Avoid keyboards with Cherry blue, green or white switches, they are clicky. The "tactile" switches only have subtle audio feedback, and the "linear" switches don't have any.

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1) Move the keyboard back and position the mic the between yourself and the keyboard, near the edge of the desk so it's closer to your mouth and pointing directly towards it;
2) Set it to Cardioid mode, NOT omnidirectional;
3) Use "Better voice recordings" guide (click Resources on the top menu on this forum).

It's the only way I've found to remove the vast majority of clicking keyboard noise. @koala explained really well the reason for step 1.
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