sound problem

  1. D

    Audio recording is frequently cut

    Hello, Every time I'm recording a video, the audio recording is frequently cut more and more over the last few days. It is not a problem of micro (I've tested it with the camera of Windows 10). For many months, I didn't have any problems, 'till the last few days. I deleted OBS and...
  2. D

    Question / Help Microphone still picking up sounds in OBS even though it is turned off

    Hey guys, so i recently built myself a new pc and as i am trying to set up OBS and my microphone is still picking up sounds (there is no real sound near me irl) even when i flip my microphone up to "turn it off" OBS is still picking it up. I'm using Astro A10's. i can get the audio to stop if i...
  3. D

    Question / Help Yamaha MG10XUF ASIO Driver Plugin compatability. No sound through.

    Hi All. I run OBS for my weekly show Djing on House Nation Live. I have always used a sound blaster THX external sound card. Last week for some unknown reason when I switched it all on to go live I could not see any audio coming through. I restarted, added a new sound device, rebuilt my...
  4. Boeschey

    Question / Help OBS AUDIO NOT WORKING - FIX (if you have Elgato capture card/software)

    I was messing with my computer to see why my Desktop audio wasn't registering in OBS. The problem had to do with the "Elgato Sound Capture" application disabling any desktop audio to be captured by OBS. Where I circled the picture, I made sure that all sources do not have a slash running through...
  5. L

    Question / Help Recording game audio is much lower than game audio itself

    Been testing with different games such as Overwatch, CSGO, Osu, LoL, but the result is always the same. I can loudly hear the sounds when I play, Osu is almost too loud already, but when I check on the recording later the sound is reduced a lot. I tried using the gain filter to up the volume to...
  6. J

    Question / Help Sound Echo Issue

    Hello, I'm new to all this streaming business. I add MP3 sounds to OBS via Media Source. But, the first time I play the sound... it sounds good through my headphones but when I play it back and review the stream the sounds/music echos. But, when I play the same sound or song the second time...
  7. W

    Question / Help no microphone audio from my interface / mic

    Audio interface: Allen and heath QU24 My microphone input is not showing up in OBS. Yes, Have selected the device in the settings. Is there an option to select which input OBS uses on the selected device? My interface has 24 microphone inputs. Discord and other softwares default to using 1/2...
  8. Benwarrior 37

    Bug Report [NotResolved] jerky sounds (like robot) OBS 24.0.1

    Hello guys To morning I have update OBS for the 24.0.1. But in stream, my viewers told me that the sound saturated (as if I were a robot). it happens only on a stage. And all sounds (game capture (avermedia LGX2) and microphone) jerks. My bug scene is composed: - Video capture (Avermedia LGX2)...
  9. C

    Question / Help Recording sound only with 96 kHz

    Hi, i´m new to OBS and didn´t find anything in the forum about my issue. Situation: I use OBS to record my music productions in Studio One 4. I was used to create my music in 96 kHz. So, the first screen recordings i made with OBS was in 96 kHz and i needed to install the "Synchronous Audio...
  10. K

    Question / Help Noise gate impossible loop

    So I recently began messing with voice filters for my blue snowball to eliminate the sound on my loud keyboard. And when I say loud, I mean it is the loudest keyboard I have ever heard in terms of mechanical keyboards. I settled that for the noise gate I needed a opening on 18 and a closing of...
  11. Kanetsidohi

    Question / Help Sound not recording from screen game World of Warcraft

    The last recording without issues was on July 16 I did not make any changes to any software on my computer but, when I log in the next day, I could see the OBS interface was slightly different, I have to resize the screen where the game is displayed I use VLC because I had problems with sounds...
  12. A

    Question / Help OBS/Logitech c920/El Gato HD60s sound issue

    I've got a setup with multiple video sources, and I'm trying to use the c920 as one of my sources, but with the incoming audio from the HD60s instead of the camera's on board microphone. I tried to set it via custom audio device, but it causes the c920 to stop working until I switch the audio...
  13. John_CL

    Question / Help Desktop Sound isn´t detected

    I was using obs normally untill I closed it and now that I opened it it wont show any sound from my desktop so I cant play games with sound (exept from my microphone) Anyone knows what I can do? PD: I have all my apps with volume from the sound mixer so that isn´t the problem...
  14. Nga_Phoebe_Tran

    Question / Help No mic and game audio in obs

    Hi guys, Recently. I'm dealing with an annoying issue related to mic and game sound. As the pic shows below, I successfully recorded a gameplay video with my voice speaking and game sound. However, after i stopped recording to export the video, I played it and I found out that it was completely...
  15. P

    Question / Help No desktop audio on stream even though it says it's picking it up

    Title self explanatory. I know the audio is being picked up on OBS. Whenever someone talks on Skype/Discord or I play music, I can see it being picked up, but on stream, it's only game sound and my mic being picked up. I do not have it muted or anything like that. Was wondering why this would be...
  16. B

    Question / Help Sound Problem When Recording

    I am having a sound problem when recording about OBS. Normally I can't hear the sound level in the file I recorded. So the recording tone is very low. I did a lot of research on the solution of this, but I couldn't find the solution. I've almost tried all the methods from re-installation until I...
  17. L

    Question / Help OBS echoes or doesn't give sound at all when streaming?

    Hi, i downloaded OBS for streaming on twitch, and for some reason if I have both desktop and mic/aux on, my stream echoes horribly. In order to get rid of the echo, i have to turn off the desktop audio, but then my stream can only hear me and not my game. If I leave desktop audio on by itself...
  18. I

    Question / Help audio

    help, when i open obs program, i cant hear any desktop sound from any where (headphones, speakers). when i hit record it dose record the sound but i haft to close OBS to rewatch and edit video. help i would like to hear sounds wile i record instead of sitting in complete silence.
  19. breadturnstoast

    Question / Help Muffled sound

    Sound appears to be muffled when recording. Is there any way to fix this?
  20. B

    Question / Help Problem with sound

    In OBS show that the sound is there but no sound on the stream, only my mic.