Input Overlay

Input Overlay v4.8

That took a while, didn't it? Well I've finally gotten something that should be in the realm of usable, but don't get your expectations up too high. I just wanted to post this update so anybody that wants to test the new features can do so.
You can get the latest nightly builds here under artifacts (You'll need a Github account), make sure to click on the latest run. Specifically this one for now. There's both a linux and windows version and the presets. You still have to install the plugin manually, but I'll try to make an installer soon™.
The main feature is the config tool (in the folder cct), networking (transferring input from gaming to streaming pc), input filtering (white/blacklist certain windows), better gamepad support and some other stuff, though as I said this is a test version so expect half of this to not work at all and the other half just barely.
Please make sure to use the presets shipped with this version, as previous layouts do not work without being adjusted first.
If you used your own preset you will have to modify the config file like this:
each line containing a value (eg. 1_key_count=2) has to be changed.
The only part that has to be modified is the 1_ (or in some cases 2_ or 3_) which
specifies the value type (number, string etc). All you have to do is shift the number down by one,
so the line 1_key_count=2 turns into 0_key_count=2, 2_key_order=... turns into 1_key_order=... etc.

Fixed memory leak when loading input history icons
Fixed config loading for input history icons
Fixed arrow key icons preset using old config value types
While I'm still working on 5.0, I also try my best to maintain the current version.
I've released newer minor versions in the past, but haven't posted them here so I thought I'd change the version number over here as well.

This version only contains a small fix for miscalculated offsets and a new config option for debugging
Fixed crashes when loading key icons for input history
Fixed keyboard layouts having mismatching offsets

Updated Linux build will follow
Added support for the gamepad overlay on linux.
Currently only tested with my own gamepad, but if anyone has issues with the button
mappings I'll try to make them configurable
Added linux 64bit binary (Compiled and tested on Manjaro 17.1.2)
Updated CCL to include error messages
Added Error logging for config loading to obs
Compiling against correct Xinput lib
Fixed spacebar key code
Added new overlay options to show mouse movement
Added new history options to rename keys and exclude unnamed keys
Added new history options to replace keys with icons (images)
Hopefully fixed memory leaks with input-history.
Switched from using Windows API to libuiohook, which is crossplatform
(That means there'll hopefully be a linux version soon!)

This required a lot of changes in the back end so please let me know if anything broke in the process
Switched to dynamic config loading (Old configs will NOT work anymore)
Added gamepad preset