Compiling against correct Xinput lib
Fixed spacebar key code
Added new overlay options to show mouse movement
Added new history options to rename keys and exclude unnamed keys
Added new history options to replace keys with icons (images)
Hopefully fixed memory leaks with input-history.
Switched from using Windows API to libuiohook, which is crossplatform
(That means there'll hopefully be a linux version soon!)

This required a lot of changes in the back end so please let me know if anything broke in the process
Switched to dynamic config loading (Old configs will NOT work anymore)
Added gamepad preset
Added support for file paths that contain Unicode characters
Added option to automatically clear input history after no input for x seconds.
Added option to show repeated key inputs.
Fixed a bug where the text of the input history would scale up when the history wasn't completely filled
Added an opacity slider, since using a filter doesn't work.
Fixed empty lines appearing when disabling mouse input and pressing any mouse button
New source type called "Input History"
Will display most keyboard shortcuts in a chronological order.
Fixed textures not loading correctly when they spanned over multiple rows
Added new presets
I added a new preset that shows most of the keyboard (Main keyboard and the function keys).
While adding that I also fixed some minor bugs that prevented larger presets from loading.


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