Record & Stream Output and Setup Presets

Sometimes I record. Sometimes I stream. I need different audio settings for each and would love to save presets for both the Output settings and general Source settings.


When I RECORD, I like to have my three audio sources recorded to three separate tracks so I can mix them as I see fit in Final Cut. That means, in Advanced Audio Properties I have to make sure that only one track box is selected for each audio input. (Mic - track 1, Game Capture - track 2, Soundboard - track 3). And in the Settings > output properties I make sure that audio tracks 1-3 are selected.

But when I STREAM, there's only one audio track I can stream with. So I have to go back into the Advanced Audio Properties and check both Game Capture and Soundboard onto track 1.

Sometimes when I go to record I either forget to change back advanced audio properties or sometimes I THINK I did but apparently didn't.

I thought creating a second Profile would do the trick (one profile for Recording the other for Streaming) but that doesn't work. The audio settings remain the same.