mixing audio

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    Record & Stream Output and Setup Presets

    Sometimes I record. Sometimes I stream. I need different audio settings for each and would love to save presets for both the Output settings and general Source settings. Example: When I RECORD, I like to have my three audio sources recorded to three separate tracks so I can mix them as I see...
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    Audio mixer

    HI, not sure if it's the good place for this, im a bit lost in here. Here's my problem: basically, my audio in/out of my hedset always active. Even if its disconnected or if i put it invisible in the source panel, i've tried to delete the source but its still it the mixing audio panel. ITS...
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    Mic audio still playing in scenes where it's not a source

    I have OBS configured with two scenes. One that shows my webcam, the second that plays back a video file. I'd like for my webcam mic to be muted while the video is playing. I've disabled all the audio devices under Preferences>Audio and have added the appropriate sources to the scenes...
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    Question / Help Mixing Table Audio on OBS

    Hi! I would like to broadcast a live audiovidéo with my BlackMagic Web Presenter. For the vidéos, everything is ok. I plug my mixing table to my BlackMagic Web Presenter with XLR, but in OBS project when i want to share the audio to my live, i only hear the sound from my computer and nothing...