1. F

    Record & Stream Output and Setup Presets

    Sometimes I record. Sometimes I stream. I need different audio settings for each and would love to save presets for both the Output settings and general Source settings. Example: When I RECORD, I like to have my three audio sources recorded to three separate tracks so I can mix them as I see...
  2. E

    Didn't Export my Profile

    I didn't export my OBS Profile and don't think I could have because of my ssd failing and switching to read only. I did save all OBS files onto another drive and was wondering if there was a way I could convert the files in the profile folder into my old profile?
  3. A

    Use different video quality settings for different Scenes

    Obviously, there are ways to change the video quality settings globally, but how do I adjust video quality settings per Scene? For example, I would like to have reduced resolution, FPS and overall video quality automatically applied when switching to a different scene and then having those...
  4. 7

    Outputting color incorrectly

    I'm having issues with the color output on a 2019 Mac Pro. In the output preview the colors appear washed out, however when I open the properties of filter window for the video capture device they appear correctly. (See image bellow, I should be seeing 100% bars) The issue persists to the...
  5. J

    No audio from source. Restart required This is a new problem for me from last two week. We have multiple profiles for recording and streaming. When using camera in streaming settings there's no audio bit on recording profile and scene audio is...
  6. V

    Streaming profiles

    Hi, I'd really make use of streaming profiles in obs. The way I make ready for streaming to facebook involves making a private test stream to my personal account and then streaming live to fb page publicly. There is a need to change the title and description of the stream and copying the 2...
  7. earwaxxx

    Question / Help OBS Studio Crashes when switching Scene Collection

    I am experiencing a problem with OBS crashing once I switch scene collection. I can manage to switch profiles but always crashes when i switch scene collection. I only have two of each. Please see crash log.
  8. Deraile

    "Undo" alternative

    Hi, first let me present my utmost respect for the awesome piece of software you guys make available for all to use, and for free! It is truly great. Now, I've been using it for a while, both for streaming and recording footage, and needless to say, I love it. But on a couple occasions, it left...
  9. C

    Question / Help Corrupted Profile and Scene Collection fix

    I have a problem with OBS Studio. As soon as I launch the software, it loads both the corrupted profile and scene collection that I had created long ago, and it needs to be gone asap. Is there a way to remove it permanently? Here is the URL to the log file...