Streaming profiles

Vladimir Simo

New Member
I'd really make use of streaming profiles in obs. The way I make ready for streaming to facebook involves making a private test stream to my personal account and then streaming live to fb page publicly. There is a need to change the title and description of the stream and copying the 2 different stream keys, which both doesn't change, because I'm using the permanent stream key. To make my stream live I need to push the stream button twice - once in the OBS and then after couple seconds in browser on the facebook live page. It's quite stressful time shortly before streaming and in such complicated process errors happen, which sucks.
I'd prefer to have somewhere in the settings/stream or the Auto-configuration wizard the option to store/restore current settings including stream title, description, privacy, fb page/personal account and then the option to start the stream with one click button without any necessity to go to the fb page in the browser. Example funcionality exists in vmix, although that one is not the most user-friendly as well.
Thanks in advance,
Vladimir Simo