Question / Help OBS Studio Crashes when switching Scene Collection


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I am experiencing a problem with OBS crashing once I switch scene collection. I can manage to switch profiles but always crashes when i switch scene collection. I only have two of each. Please see crash log.


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I had the same issue recently. Then I remembered I just installed the Canon EOS Webcam Utility version 1.0
I uninstalled the Webcam utility and the problem disappeared. Back to CamTwist and Camera Live.


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I am also having this exact issue. When I go to SCENE COLLECTION > NEW or SCENE COLLECTION > [custom saved scene] OBS will crash and leave the obs-browser-page.exe service running on Windows 10. I have to go to Task Manager and stop that service to relaunch OBS.

Currently on OBS 26.1.1
Haven't installed any plugins (not even StreamLabs). Can anyone help me?