1. N

    Question / Help How to emulate OBS simple output preset settings in advanced

    i need to this to be able to record audio to separate tracks so i can modify them in post and alter audio levels The Preset: Recording Quality: High Quality, Medium File Size Recording Format: mkv Encoder: Hardware (NVENC) My gameplay recording quality is amazing with this preset but i need...
  2. D

    Question / Help Ryzen 7 2700x possible encodes

    Good day everyone! Ryzen users related question. I’m streaming mostly FPS games (R6Siege, COD, Fortnite) so I usually set up OBS on Bicubic, 8000 kB/s,1600x900 @60, fast, main/baseline, 0-2 frames. But I’ve noticed, that sometimes there are some artifacts (lets just say clarity loss) on a...
  3. K

    Question / Help Can't Change Resolution on Capture Properties Panel

    I'm using OBS to capture my iPAD screen for tutorials. Quicktime and ScreenFlow are capturing the screen with a low resolution and I want to use OBS to capture the screen at its native 2148x1538 resolution. However the Properties section when setting up the device capture has only one Preset...
  4. Chewy77

    Question / Help I can't seem to stream GRW at preset = faster with my setup. Can someone tell me ?

    I recently upgraded to a 2700x, so that I could improve the quality of my stream. One of my main games is Ghost Recon Wildlands. I used to stream it at preset very fast. But when I changed to preset = faster, i suffered significant frame drops in the stream. Is there anything I can change to...
  5. K

    Question / Help stream stuttering when going lower than medium on a ryzen 7 2700x

    Hello, I have a dual pc setup my stream pc cpu is a ryzen 7 2700x and im streaming in 900p60 preset medium and tune animation 6000 bitrate and it goes fine with this settings but i cant stream lower than medium but when i turn off the animation tune it can do slow. And the cpu usage is around...
  6. D

    Question / Help Urgent (NEW CPU FOR SLOWER / SLOWEST PRESET)

    Hi everyone! I have been stalking the forums for many months! And decided to make an account seen I can just not find out WHAT I need exactly (cpu wise) Now I am wondering if any of you would be able to help me out... I am building a new pc at the minute, in the 3100,- Euro range, the thing...
  7. P

    Question / Help Optimal Stream Settings for OBS 1pc Setup

    Hi guys, at first I am a native german speaker so please have that in mind :) At the moment I try to optimize my streaming quality due to an upgraded PC. I am using a single PC Setup: CPU -> Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3,9 GHz GPU -> MSI GTX 1080 RAM -> 16 GB 3200 MHz Corsair Monitor 24" @ 1920x1080 144 Hz...
  8. scurra

    Question / Help CPU Preset

    Hey everyone, I've got a question if it's worth to set up CPU Preset higher than Veryfast (I mean Faster, Fast, etc...). Yesterday I've upgraded my pc so my current setup is: Monitor: 24" AOC g2460PG Case: SilentiumPC Gladius M35 Motherboard: ASUS TUF X470-PLUS GAMING - AMD X470 CPU: AMD...
  9. T

    Question / Help What CPU preset does "Simple" output mode use?

    What CPU preset does "Simple" output mode use? I want to enable advanced encoder settings and just want a baseline of where to start. Thank you.