Question / Help Can't Change Resolution on Capture Properties Panel


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I'm using OBS to capture my iPAD screen for tutorials. Quicktime and ScreenFlow are capturing the screen with a low resolution and I want to use OBS to capture the screen at its native 2148x1538 resolution. However the Properties section when setting up the device capture has only one Preset that captures at 1280x720, and it doesn't allow me to change that. The only other option is 0x0.

Can someone please help me change not just the Preferences > Video> base/output resolution (already change that), but change or add another "preset" option shown on the attached screenshot so I can capture the ipad screen at a crisp higher resolution?

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What capture method are you using? It looks like whatever method you are using only supports that resolution.

Thanks for your time! I’m using “Device Video Capture” Is there a better method I can use? I’m trying to record my iPad 4 screen. Sadly it’s iOS 10 only so no native screen record. And QuickTime seems to be capturing at perhaps 1080 or 720, not as clear as the iPad’s retina screen.