1. K

    color space, p010

    You can specify the color space in the properties of the source item. What does this item (color space) mean? For example, if Rec.2100(PQ) is specified, will the video data imported by UVC be Rec.2100(PQ)? Or does OBS convert the video imported in 709 to Rec.2100 (PQ) and output it?
  2. Bassquake

    Adding Video Capture Device or viewing its properties causes OBS to hang

    As soon as I add a Video Capture Device the popup comes up blank (see image below), OBS hangs and have to force quit. When I reopen OBS, the Video Capture Device is listed in Sources but if I click the properties of it, it'll show empty popup and hang. Logs show no errors...
  3. C

    Source Defaults 1.1.1 test

    Source Defaults for OBS Studio An OBS Studio Plugin that lets you set a source as a "default source". Created sources of the same type will get the settings from the configured default source. Installation Click the "Go To Download" button at the top of this page, and download the installer...
  4. T

    Open Camera Configure Video Properties window prevents recording

    Twice this has bitten me: 1. Go to a webcam in Sources 2. Open Properties 3. Click Configure Video. Note that a seemingly independent camera properties window opens and you can leave it open while using OBS. 4. Change to a different scene and then try to Start Recording. Note that the...
  5. _tigerthelion

    OBS freezes when opening the Properties window ~30 times in one session

    Log file: This issue has been happening on my PC/OBS instance for quite some time now. If I open the Properties window on sources several times in one OBS session (seems like approx. 30 times after consistent testing), OBS eventually freezes. I can't...
  6. K

    Question / Help Can't Change Resolution on Capture Properties Panel

    I'm using OBS to capture my iPAD screen for tutorials. Quicktime and ScreenFlow are capturing the screen with a low resolution and I want to use OBS to capture the screen at its native 2148x1538 resolution. However the Properties section when setting up the device capture has only one Preset...