color space, p010


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You can specify the color space in the properties of the source item. What does this item (color space) mean?
For example, if Rec.2100(PQ) is specified, will the video data imported by UVC be Rec.2100(PQ)? Or does OBS convert the video imported in 709 to Rec.2100 (PQ) and output it?

Suslik V

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For Video Capture Device the Color Space field - specifies color space of the input video. In other words, how to decode it before it appears in OBS. If device has many outputs - they usually configured at Configure Crossbar or by special external util specific to your device.
For Game Capture source of OBS the RGB10A2 Color Space field - specifies color space for the source when the captured image (technically texture) has color depth more then 8-bits per component. OBS don't know what color space texture has. Thus, to draw it correctly you need to specify its color space (then OBS will select right draw technique, for example 16-bit to 16-bit, 10-bit to 16-bit, 16-bit to 10-bit etc).