Question / Help stream stuttering when going lower than medium on a ryzen 7 2700x


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I have a dual pc setup my stream pc cpu is a ryzen 7 2700x and im streaming in 900p60 preset medium and tune animation 6000 bitrate and it goes fine with this settings but i cant stream lower than medium but when i turn off the animation tune it can do slow. And the cpu usage is around 40% but when i watch back the the test stream it stutters a lot what can be the problem is my cpu still too low? I want the best quality possible but i cant get it. What are the best settings i can get with my cpu? sorry for my bad english this is my first time asking a question here.

log file:


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You don't really need to use medium, and don't use slow. Your viewers will not be able to detect any difference between the "fast" preset and any preset beyond "fast". The visual difference is negligible, but the CPU consumption increases enormously for each preset beyond "fast".
With "negligible" I mean nobody is able to see any difference, even experts.