1. S

    Audio bitrate for YouTube

    I get this message on my YT channel < The current bit rate (0) of the audio stream is lower than recommended. We recommend that you use a bit rate of 128 Kbps for the audio stream. > The bitrate for streaming is set to 160 (highest possible). Anyone who knows what the problem is...
  2. L

    Stream disconnected inexplicably - Youtube integration stream health/status indicator request

    Hello! Yesterday I was doing a live stream and before the event I decided to try out the new Youtube integration. I let it stream for a few minutes and concluded that it worked fine. Then I created a new scheduled stream and started streaming the event. I use Speedify connection bonding to...
  3. 4

    Stream on Youtube connects but does not send media

    Every time I try to stream on youtube through obs, the stream connects (as in the image) but doesn't send images. I'm afraid this has something to do with Windows Defender or Windows Firewall because when I uninstall OBS, restart the notebook, disable Windows Defender and Windows Firewall and...
  4. 4

    Stream no Youtube conecta mas não envia midia

    Toda vez que eu tento fazer stream no youtube pelo obs, a stream conecta (como na imagem) porém não envia imagens. Receio que isso tenha algo a ver com o Windows Defender ou Firewall do Windows pois quando eu desinstalo o OBS, reinicio o notebook, desativo o Windows Defender e o Firewall do...
  5. F

    OBS standard settings for Youtube

    Hi, Does anyone knows where I can find the url or IP address used by OBS for the Primary Youtube ingest server and Backup Youtube ingest server ? I am asked about the server IP and port I want to connect to by the security service of a company and, if I have some guesses about the port (1935...
  6. N

    Youtube not recognizing stream key in discord (fixed)

    Hi I've tried asking in the discord support tab multiple times nicely and no one answered (thanks lol) but I'm testing out streaming on YouTube and noticing the stream key is not being recognized in YouTube when I copy and paste it and hit apply to obs. I've tried switching servers then...
  7. S

    No audio YouTube on android live stream

    Hi! Yesterday I was streaming with OBS on a YouTube channel and I get an audio issue that I can't understand. This is the link of the live stream If I open this link with a PC or a Mac or an iPhone the audio is ok, BUT if I open the link with...
  8. Vivid_Nioc

    Obs Studio and Youtube steaming frustrations

    My main platform is Youtube, and i want to stream on there but I cant because obs either does not connect to youtube even when resetting and changing the stream key, And when it does (on the off chance decide to) work I drop 60% of my frames. I tried using streamlabs OBS and that worked fine But...
  9. R

    24/7 Live Stream on YouTube Using Ubuntu VPS

    Hello guys, I am trying to buy a VPS to Live Stream 24/7 on YouTube. The video I am trying to live stream is a 30-minute video that loops using OBS software. Now, the image I have attached here is the specifications of the VPS I am trying to purchase. It's going to use UBUNTU as its OS and It's...
  10. D

    Cannot get YouTube to recognise Virtual Camera

    Hi and thanks for your help. Running OBS 27.0.1 on win 10 Prof with 24GB RAM For our church we have always only live streamed through Facebook and this was easy to setup. But we have people asking to also live stream on YouTube. I know that we need a second "camera" and this is where OBS...
  11. O

    Wider Plug In Distortion?

    Hello, I just spent 12 hours re-setting my mic up as it reset itself. At first it was making a weird distortion sound when it wasn't clipping, and most likely that is due to the Wider plug in. Not sure if this is a common problem with the Wider plug in or not. It was also making the left and...
  12. R

    YouTube Live Streaming

    Hello guys. I am looking for some suggestions. I am kind of unsure what to do as far as picking the right hardware, if I want to Live Stream on YouTube. I have a pre-recorded video. It's 30 minutes long. I want to put this video on YouTube as a Live Feed which replays over and over forever...
  13. A

    Hue/tint changes on motion, streaming on youtube

    Hi Like the title says, problem with hue/tint when i move around in factorio, it looks good on in OBS but not on youtube. It goes between red and yellow and makes it really hard to fix colour levels. I can´t upload to github atm so I attach the log file and if you see any other problem or...
  14. HeyyItsBran

    OBS Python Streamlink source 0.1

    Quickly and easily display a Twitch or Youtube stream on your own stream, such as for background music or reaction videos Requires Streamlink to be installed and set up on your system - Please note however this script is an independent project with no affiliation to the Streamlink dev team...
  15. R

    Need help with my videos on obs and YouTube

    Okay when I use obs video capture my recording is clear and perfect but when I upload my recordings to YouTube its shit, its not clear at all. I don't know how to make my videos clear is it a obs thing or a youtube thing
  16. M

    Multiple loops plugin or trick for record reaction video

    Hi, hope everyone be great I do reaction vids, but I do want video source to have "A to B"& "B to C" &...Multiple loops in video, In order to be more focused when I'm commenting on the video. Any tutorial or keyword search or obs plugin that I could be able to do that? Thanks
  17. C

    YouTube/OBS Audio Issues, But Only With Fraction of Viewers

    So here's our situation. Broadcasting from a church, live services. Using a video switcher, fed into OBS, and then streamed through YouTube. Working with OBS on Mac. Before a few weeks ago we just used the video switcher as a webcam on YouTube, but it was compressing our audio terribly...
  18. sammieko

    Stream chats.. how do i put them intro my stream?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between of that‍♂️. got a question about stream chats, like i want to put in my stream itself the livechat what is going on below my stream… for example i take faceboo, since i stream there lately the most…how do i do this…. Without a weird platform...
  19. F

    Help! I mistakenly did a "test" broadcast to the "real" link. Can I change it?

    I scheduled a livestream of a church service on YouTube Studio, then distributed the video link to the whole congregation. Doing a test today, I mistakenly broadcast to the scheduled program. Is there a way to stream to that same URL? If I start from scratch, it will be a new URL and the...
  20. pinedajuan92

    OBS Youtube streaming stops after an hour of transmission

    My Youtube streaming stops after an hour of transimission. I checked the logs and found this: 17:00:23.244: [ffmpeg muxer: 'simple_stream'] os_process_pipe_write for packet data failed 17:00:23.287: [ffmpeg muxer: 'simple_stream'] Output of file...