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We've used OBS and YouTube for quite some time to stream our church's services to our homebound members. JUST RECENTLY, the stream looks fine locally (in preview, and on the monitor in an adjoining room) but YouTube shows just a small center portion of the output. I'm technically capable, but I'm completely stumped why this is happening. I've deleted and re-added the video source, done the Transform/Fit to Screen, and several other changes based on searches here and elsewhere. This is still what I'm seeing (full image on right, YouTube image on left.) The image is a bit dark due to low lighting when this was taken.

2022-12-11 07_47_29-Window.png

The input video is a Microsoft LifeCam Studio webcam with 1920x1080 resolution. (It's old, but until recently, STILL had the best low light performance of any webcam I have experience with, which is nice if the service is candle-lit. It's unobtrusive hanging from the ceiling.) The output can be that or down to 1280x720. There's a microphone setup from a FocusRite Scarlett 2i2 for audio.

I'm attaching the logfile. Help!


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