1. G

    Stream shows only a small center portion on YouTube

    We've used OBS and YouTube for quite some time to stream our church's services to our homebound members. JUST RECENTLY, the stream looks fine locally (in preview, and on the monitor in an adjoining room) but YouTube shows just a small center portion of the output. I'm technically capable, but...
  2. CreeperChief

    Question / Help Zoom in by scaling

    How do you zoom in like in the associated clip? https://clips.twitch.tv/GeniusDepressedMuleLitFam
  3. C

    Question / Help OBS Zoomed! 64bit version Windows 8.1

    Hey, I've Recently got an Issue with OBS Studio where it just Zooms in my Game or Screen Capture. I asked Many friends but none of them had a clue what it is. I allready put the output to 1920x1080 Manually and stuff like that but nothing worked, if anyone has a clue please help...