webcam problem

  1. O

    Bug Report Webcam dissapeared

    I installed OBS because good reviews from a teacher, the first test recording i had the sound, window and my webcam on, really good, untill 10 minutes later, my webcam went black, so i removed the webcam screen and put it on again, but now my webcam is not shown on the list?? So i uninstalled...
  2. K

    Question / Help Iphone only shows up in OBS app

    Hi I'm new to this. Corona quarantine has forced me too teach students from the safety of my studio using for instance Messenger, Skype or (as I would like to have working) a browser based virtual classroom on Facetime, I believe, was already noted as not functioning with OBS...
  3. H

    Question / Help OBS does not capture my webcam in two scenes

    Hello. My webcam (ASHU H800 [Aliexpress]) is captured in only one scene, but in the second scene, it cannot be captured even with the settings that are in the first scene. If I close the OBS on the second scene, then the webcam will be able to work in the second scene, but will not be able to...
  4. mrfloght

    Question / Help Trying to record webcam and gameplay at the same time

    While trying to record my webcam and my gameplay at the same time, this happens: The game goes from like 100 to 15 fps The two recordings gets like 0.5 fps My CPU rises to the skies Computer gets unusable because of lag To make the two recordings I record them in different windows of OBS...
  5. N

    Question / Help Meine Webcam in OBS geht nur in einer Szene

    Schönen guten tag, Ich habe das Problem das ich meine Webcam nur in einer Szene verwenden kann sobald ich von der "Game Szene" in die "Talk Szene wechsel ist meine Webcam schwarz und gibt kein bild ab wechsel ich wieder zurück habe ich ein Bild. bitte um Hilfe LG.
  6. F

    Question / Help Samsung 2017 Gear 360 OBS Compatibility

    My Gear 360 will is paired by bluetooth to my computer. OBS is not picking it up as a device. Any suggestions?
  7. L

    Question / Help Stream freezing, no frame drops

    I am trying to stream 1080p60fps to Facebook, I have run all tests on my PC and everything runs perfect! Gtx 1660ti, AMD Ryzen 5 3600. This is a dedicated stream PC streaming through capture card from Xbox. The stream will be extremely pixelated at times and will freeze then continue causing...
  8. L

    Question / Help Webcam severely pixelated when Live

    My webcam is severely pixelated when live. I have down immense amounts of tests on everything hardware and connection wise with no red flags? Is there any simple fixes that other people have made? Like is there something common that occurs with Logitech C920s, a simple fix that I am just not...
  9. SpicyGun

    Question / Help Webcam issue

    Hi Guys I have a issue with webcam (Logitech Brio) When i stream it is fine, but it changes the 50hz to 60hz from itself after a while. I need to enter webcam config, video config and set it back to 50hz. But after a while , it just changes back to 60hz I checked my config in logitech...
  10. H

    Question / Help Sensitive camera

    My webcam isn't the most stable and will disconnect then reconnect to the pc quite often. OBS doesn't automatically refind the camera, I have to remove the source and re-add it. Is there an easier way like a referesh key or something? p.s it's actually a playstation vita not a camera but it's...
  11. Enaio

    Question / Help Solved: Webcam no longer working with new update

    Updated OBS and now my camera doesn't work. Worked before. It's a Logitech C310. I have deactivated it and reactivated it. No help. I have removed it from the scene, while deactivated, and added it via a different video source. It just shows a green box. I have checked it on other programs...
  12. K

    Question / Help OBS Studio Crash

    hi, I've just beun to start streaming. While using no webcam everything is fine. Only 2 times I've had a crash (see logfile I've done a short research, but my drivers for the nvidia RTX 2060 are up to date. Also my windows 10 64 bit Pro Windows...
  13. C

    Question / Help OBS crashes when I add a webcam

    So I add a webcam and it immediately crashes obs without any error. I've seen that you have to delete or uninstall something but I dont know where to find the things you have to uninstall.
  14. C

    Question / Help Chaturbate cam sittings

    Hello im a chaturbate cam model and im trying the best cam sittings but it always blurry can any one help ? i have good internet and i use C920
  15. M

    Question / Help new Rzr Kiyo Displaying garbo? Log incl help So i've also been able to get a preview of the video via razer's software. Two problems for me 1 | choppy video, definitely not 60 fps @720 | 2 | there's this constant flicker on the bottom 1/5th of my webcam screen. I'll go live right now and clip...
  16. CrashKoeck

    Question / Help Multiple Cams Started Lagging for no Apparent Reason

    So, I've Googled the crap out of this and can't find a solid answer. Over the last couple weeks all of my cams have been skipping frames, and this has started showing up in the logs: DShow: HDevice::ConnectPins: failed to connect pins (0x80040207): The owner SID on a per-user subscription...
  17. E

    Question / Help Camera randomly stops working

    I'm trying to record a video on OBS (camera only), and the camera (Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920) sometimes randomly stops working for some reason (the audio is fine (I only use the webcam's microphone as a back-up, otherwise I use a professional one)). On OBS' preview, when I'm not recording, it...
  18. MajorBonesLive

    Question / Help Webcam Resolution/FPS Type | Custom disables webcam

    Just as the screenshot shows below, I cannot enable "custom" resolution/fps type as it disables my webcam. This only leaves me as the default option which gives me a 4:3 aspect ratio on the camera.
  19. V

    Question / Help OBS forces C920 to 4:3

    Hello, i have been having this problem that obs seems to be forceing my webcam, the c920 into a 4:3 aspect ratio. I have tried a lot of the responses to people on other threads with this issue. Many say to just go to custom and set the res you want but when I do that my webcam always just...
  20. P

    Question / Help 2 webcams?

    Hello, and first of all, sorry if this has been posted already. But, how do I put the same webcam in 2 scenes? Seems like only one webcam can work, even if the second one is on a different scene? I am really confused with this. NOTE: I only use 1 webcam.